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  • How to Fix a Leaky Love Doll

    Your love doll has been there for you through thick and thin. But she’s been looking a little deflated lately, and you’re worried that she might have a leak.
  • What are Strap Ons?

    Strap ons are sex toys that you can actually wear and use like a real penis. Most strap ons are actually sold as kits consisting of a harness and one or more dildos.
  • What are Pocket Rocket Vibrators?

    Pocket rocket vibrators are named primarily for their portability and power. Pocket rockets aren’t much bigger than a bullet or egg vibrator, so you can carry them around in your pocket or purse almost anywhere you go. 
  • What are Wand Massagers?

    When it comes to raw power, it’s hard to find another vibrator that can compare to a wand massager. These specialized vibrators feature heavy-duty motors with super-charged vibrations to match.
  • What are Dildos?

    Dildos are sex toys with a tapered tip and streamlined, cylindrical shaft. It’s no mistake that dildos are shaped like your typical penis, since they’re made primarily for penetration.
  • What are Love Dolls?

    Love dolls are life-sized sex toys for men and women who crave companionship. Unlike a masturbator or dildo, you can actually hold a love doll in your arms and even dress it up in sexy costumes or lingerie. 
  • What are Penis Rings?

    Penis rings are one of many adult items that talk about boosting the size of your penis and your staying power. But they’re also one of the few items that can actually deliver on those promises.
  • What are Anal Dildos?

    You can enjoy anal stimulation without ever having anal sex all thanks to anal dildos! One of the most popular types of sex toys, anal dildos allow you experiment with backdoor penetration safely and comfortably. 
  • What are Vibrators?

    When most people hear the word vibrator, the first thing that comes to mind is a 5-inch piece of plastic that rattles around on a table or in a drawer while making a loud buzzing sound.
  • What are Sex Lubes?

    Sex lubes are some of the most useful and the most underappreciated adult products you can find. Many people, younger women in particular, don’t think they need sex lubes. 
  • How to Measure Sex Toys and Vibrators

    Have you ever wondered how a vibrator that looks so big on the website can be teeny-tiny once you get it?