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What are Bullet and Egg Vibrators?


What are Bullet and Egg Vibrators?


Bullet and egg vibrators are some of the most useful and versatile sex toys you can find. Their small size makes these vibrators incredibly discreet so you can carry them almost anywhere and hide them just as easily. Most bullet and egg vibrators cost less than $20, which makes them a great entry-level sex toy for anyone on a budget. Bullet and egg vibrators also work greatly with other sex toys, like penis rings, dildos and strokers. Adding vibration is just what you need to spice up one of your favorite sex toys or make a new one even more stimulating.


Bullet Vibrators


These vibes feature a streamlined bullet-like shape and generally measure about 2 inches long and about 0.75 inch wide. The vast majority of bullets are designed solely for external stimulation – they’re simply not big enough for internal use. Bullets focus vibrations on a single spot – such as her clit or his balls – for intense simulation. They’re also commonly used in other sex toys for additional stimulation. Many penis rings use a bullet vibrator for increased clitoral stimulation. Bullet vibrators usually run on watch batteries and have either an adjustable dial or push button controller built into their base. This makes bullet vibrators more discreet and easier to use when traveling than eggs.


Egg Vibrators


These vibes are about the same general size and shape as large egg, typically measuring about 2.5 inches long and 1.25 inches wide. Like their bullet counterparts, egg vibes are generally intended for focused stimulation – targeting a single erogenous zone at a time. While most egg vibrators are intended for external stimulation, there are some that come with retrieval cords that can be used internally as well. Egg vibrators are often used with larger sex toys, such as realistic masturbators and large dildos. Eggs typically run on standard AA or AAA batteries and come with a separate controller. Egg vibrators tend to have more vibration modes and more power than bullets.


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