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What are Realistic Dildos?


What are Realistic Dildos?


Dildos come in a wide variety of colors, sizes and vaguely phallic shapes. Realistic dildos, however, aren’t just shaped a little like a penis. These specialized sex toys are designed to look and feel as lifelike as possible. Some of them are so realistic that you might mistake them for the real thing!


You can find dildos with balls, veins, and realistic heads. There are even squirting dildos that deliver a realistic load.


Making a Realistic Dildo


Material and shape are the two major factors that separate realistic dildos from all the others. Many realistic dildos are made from a specialized material like Cyberskin or UR3 that’s specifically designed to look and feel like human skin. Realistic dildos made from other materials such as silicone or jelly might use a special dual-density design that features a soft outer layer over a firm inner core to duplicate the feel of a real penis.


When it comes to shape, some sex toy makers hire actual sculptors to make their realistic dildos look natural and anatomically accurate. They might even add hand-painted details such as veins running up and down the shaft to make these dildos look even more lifelike. Other sex toy makers might use penis molds from male porn stars as well as just average guys.


Realistic Dildos & Your Sex Life


Their lifelike design and versatility are realistic dildos’ biggest benefits. The penis-shaped tip is naturally designed for easy and comfortable penetration. After insertion, the tip can easily be used for stimulation, whether you’re focusing on the G-Spot or the prostate. The raised veins in a realistic dildo help increase your pleasure with every move. And the balls in the base can be used for clitoral stimulation, to support a strap-on harness or as a handle.


Realistic dildos are also designed to appeal to your innermost fantasies. Whether you’re thinking about your favorite actor or the sexy guy next door, a realistic dildo is ideal for bringing your sexual fantasies to life. Some couples even use realistic dildos to see what a threesome would be like!


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