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3 Erotic Massage Techniques For Your Partner's Top Erogenous Zones


3 Erotic Massage Techniques For Your Partner's Top Erogenous Zones


Erogenous zones are a beautiful thing...if you know where to find them. These extra-sensitive areas of the body are great to stimulate in foreplay, but other than common zones like the nipples and lips, many of them go tragically untouched. But don't worry — PinkCherry is here to give you the lowdown on the many erogenous zones for the male and female body. And, as an added bonus, we'll teach you some erotic massage techniques to drive your partner crazy in the most sensual way possible.




Erogenous zones for women are sometimes unexpected, but they always have the potential to make you feel oh-so-good when your partner explores them. Here are some of the most sensitive parts of the female anatomy that can be used to really turn her on.




Compared to the outer thighs and hips, they're quite sensitive. Because they're also generally pressed against each other, they tend to be warmer, too. Playing with temperature, like dragging an ice cube up and down the skin, or even just kissing and nibbling is the perfect way to make her shiver...and give her a taste of what's to come when you travel a bit higher.




Say what? Yes, odd as it may sound, the armpits are a great place to get a lady going. Their super-sensitive nature can be used to your advantage as you explore your partner's body. Worried they might be too ticklish? Playfulness can actually be an effective way to get things heated up, and in the right context, many people find a good tickle-fight to be sexually thrilling.




The skin of the neck, including the nape, is very sensitive, making it a major erogenous zone. Try stroking your fingers down the back of your partner's neck or planting a kiss below their jawline. Chances are, the sensation will make them moan and melt.




The lower you go on a woman's stomach, the more sensitive she becomes. The region just below the belly button is particularly pleasurable because, if you press just right, you can actually start to stimulate her G-spot. You can even work your way lower to the equally sensitive pubic mound to rev up some clitoral stimulation.




Nipping at the earlobes can be quite sexy, but exploring more of the shell of the ear will lead to even more sensations since the harder cartilage has more nerve-endings. In fact, stroking the ears can intensify your partner's orgasm, if it's what turns her on.




On top of being another ticklish area, the feet contain certain pressure points that can trigger arousal thanks to their surplus of nerve endings. The toes and balls of the feet, in particular, can help encourage blood flow and get the heart pumping.




Many erogenous zones for men are the same as women's, like the lips, nipples and neck, but there are plenty of unique areas that are definitely worth exploring. Head to these areas to give your man the ultimate sensual experience.




You've heard of the P spot (another erogenous zone you should stimulate if he's comfortable with it), but what's the F spot? The "F" stands for frenulum, which is on the underside of the penis just below the head. The nerve endings in the frenulum are so concentrated that it's been compared to the female clitoris. Whether you're performing oral sex or just giving him a tease with your fingers, it's a great idea to stroke this sensitive area.




Men's feet actually tend to be more sensitive than women's, so stroking or rubbing at the soles of his feet can be a major turn-on. A pressure point located about a third of the way to the heel from the tip of the third toe is particularly strong.




Hands are a crucial part of sex, as they are the body part that most frequently explores your partner's body. But, they're so sensitive that they themselves should be included in your sensual exploration. The thumb is an especially strong erogenous zone because sucking at it mimics the sensation of oral sex, lighting up the brain's reward centers as visions of what might come next dance in his head.




This is a fancy way to describe the crease where the buttcheek meets the back of the thigh. Since this area of the butt is the closest to the genitals, it's extra-sensitive and great for kissing, stroking and spanking. In fact, this erogenous zone is likely why people like being spanked in the first place.




A very punk-sounding name for the ballsack. The loose skin of the scrotal sack feels good when stimulated, but the raphe, which is the seam-like line running down the middle of the sack, is particularly sensitive. Run a finger or tongue over it as a prelude to more fun.




Another fancy word that describes the small of the back. The reason this part of the back is an erogenous zone is because some of the sacrum's nerves (they’re responsible for feel-good sensory response) are connected to the genitals. So, when you stimulate them by massaging or vibrating something around the sacrum, you can stimulate the main attraction up front.




Without further ado, let's get into some massage techniques that are sensual, sexy and overall great to use as you and your partner learn more about each other's bodies.




Since the feet are erogenous zones for both men and women (and because foot massages are amazing in general), this is a surefire way to kindle the passion between you and your partner. To create a truly erotic massage, create a pampered experience by propping your partner's feet up on a pillow in your lap and wrapping them in a warm towel. Then you can set to work on targeting those pressure points located in the toes and soles of the feet — rubbing in slow, sensual circles is a great way to start. After you've thoroughly massaged the feet, you can work your way up the ankles to the calves and, eventually, to the other erogenous zone that is the inner thighs.




This technique could also be used as a prelude to anal sex for a partner of any gender but would be particularly pleasurable for those with a penis and prostate. Have your partner lie down on their belly while you begin rubbing and chopping at the small of their back to start stimulating their genitals up front (thanks to those handy nerve-endings). You can even use a prostate massager, like We-Vibe's Vector Vibrating Prostate Massager, to vibrate your way along the small of the back and down until it's time for the main event. The Vector's expertly designed head was created specifically to massage the prostate while comfortably accommodating the natural contractions of the pelvic and anal muscles. It'll be a sexy massage they'll never forget. Just remember to be communicative with your partner to ensure that they're feeling good before entry — and use plenty of anal lube!




Is your partner experiencing some workday stiffness? Kiss and massage it away to start heating things up. You can even heat things up literally with help from PinkCherry's selection of sensual massage oil. When the oil is applied to the skin, it begins to gently warm — and it gets even warmer with added contact from a hand or tongue (if it's an edible variety). Kneading away your partner's worries and sprinkling them with kisses makes for a sensual massage that will have them eager for more.




An erotic massage is amazing...but for many, it's more of an appetizer than an entree. Luckily, PinkCherry has all the supplies you need to create a sexy and sensual bedroom routine that will leave you and your partner breathless. Check out the rest of our sex toys and accessories today.


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