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Any object - toy or otherwise - will attract dirt, dust, and bacteria, no matter how carefully it’s stored. Before you play, and definitely afterward, you’ll need to do a little cleanup. The tips below will work for most adult toys but we highly recommend that you read over any clean and care instructions the manufacturer may have provided.


Many masturbators, dildos, cock rings, plugs and more can be sanitized using a good toy care fluid or foam, but warm soapy water works well, too. Whichever clean-up method you’re using, be sure to get right into any texture, curves, and crevices. If you choose a toy care foam or spray – ours are great, by the way - let it sit for a few minutes to let the cleansers work. After cleaning and before storage, please make sure your toy is dry. This is important for any sex toy, but specifically for any lifelike material including ULTRASKYN, FantaFlesh, Cyberskin, and TPR. These are porous materials and the toys they’re made of can take a little longer to dry. Put your realistic toy somewhere safe and ventilated for at least a few hours after a wash.


In terms of sex toy storage, we’ve got some suggestions for you, plus cases, lock boxes and antibacterial pouches specifically designed to keep toys safe and ready to play. Whether you choose to use a toy case or the drawer in your bedside table (a classic!), you’ll need to be mindful about storing certain materials together. Keep soft toys from touching other soft toys during storage, this includes silicone. Soft and silicone sex toy materials have a tendency to ‘melt’ or adhere together if they’re in contact for too long, so let’s avoid that, shall we? Plastic, glass and steel sex toys aren’t as picky about their neighbors, but they should be wrapped in something soft to prevent any scratches or nicks.


A quick PSA on batteries – if your toy requires batteries (we always let you know what kind and how many), please use fresh new ones, at least for the first run. People sometimes think that their new toy is defective only to find that the batteries they put in were drained or dead. Rechargeable batteries are a great green choice, but they can be a little larger than standard batteries. If you try to pop in a rechargeable and it feels tight, please don’t force it.




Like mom always said ‘it’s what’s inside that counts!’ She probably wasn’t talking about sex toys, but we are! The material(s) making up a toy can, in turn, make a big difference when it comes to sensation, pleasure, and after-care. Generally, a softer toy will be made from silicone or specialty rubber (thermoplastic or elastomer) while firmer toys come in steel, aluminum, and plastic. Choose a firmer toy if you’re after more precise massage or specific sweet-spot pinpointing and a softer toy for flexibility and movement. Keep allergies in mind, too. There aren’t many toys made with latex (a common allergen) these days, but if so, we always mention it. Materials like hard plastic, silicone, glass, and steel will generally be safe for any skin type.




There are about as many lube choices as sex toy options, but we’re going to make this really easy for you! Go water based. A water-based lubricant like ours will be safe for any toy material, from latex to glass.


You can certainly pick a silicone or hybrid (water + silicone) lube to use with rubber, glass, steel, and plastic, but please don’t use a silicone lubricant with a silicone sex toy. Remember that melting problem we mentioned when silicone toys are stored together? That goes for silicone lubricant with a silicone toy, too. We don’t recommend ever using an oil based lube with a sex toy; oil based lubricants should be kept for masturbation (with a hand!) or body massage only.


So there you have it, our sex toy guide! You’re all caught up on some of the most important top sex toy basics. Here’s the bottom line: the end goal of any sex toy is pleasure, pure and simple, and while little tweaks and additions are always good and very welcome, it’s important to remember what works, what has always worked, and what will continue to work. Like our high school history teachers lectured: if you can’t understand what came before, you won’t understand what comes after. That old nugget takes on a little *wink wink* innuendo in the context of sex toys, it’s true, but we stand by the sentiment!


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