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Vibrators For Men: Pleasure On The Rise


Vibrators For Men: Pleasure On The Rise


Why yes, you did read that headline right: vibrators for men. If you didn't know they were a thing, you're not alone. But male vibrators are gaining popularity, and for good reason. A study by Indiana University's School of Health showed that almost 45% of men — whether heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual — have used vibrators for pleasure. AND these same men reported better-than-average sexual satisfaction and health. Woohoo! Male vibrators for the win! Now that you know male vibrators are a wonderful thing, here's more good news: there's a wide variety to choose from. Let's explore some of the basic types of male vibrator options, shall we?




On top of bringing major pleasure, another perk of using a vibrator on a penis is quicker, harder and longer-lasting erections. That's because the vibrations on the underside of the shaft stimulate blood flow. So penis-focused male vibrators can be great for foreplay. Of course, they're also pretty darn fun for masturbation or as the main event in partner play.


Truth be told, since stimulating the penis is an "outside job," you can find creative ways to do it with just about any vibrator, especially bullet vibrators. BUT for the greatest penile pleasure, you might want a dedicated male vibrator that was made for the job.


This type of vibrator for men is usually shaped to fit all the way around the penis, so you can wrap your member in 360 degrees of vibrating bliss. They often look something like this Satisfyer Men Heat & Vibration Stroker, but you can choose from all kinds of sizes, colors and textures, plus special features. There are options meant to be used alone and others that can be used with a partner.


Many vibrators for men, like those for women, offer multiple settings, so you can enjoy vibes with varying degrees of intensity and different rhythms. Some also offer heat. Some even talk dirty to you!


So many options to explore. But wait — there's even more in the next section!




Ready for a whole different realm of pleasure? Consider a male anal vibrator to stimulate the "P-spot," also known as the prostate gland or the "male G-spot." The prostate gland is a walnut-sized pleasure zone located just inside the rectum, on the front wall. And rubbing it right is said to cause some mind-blowing, full-body orgasms. Plus, it's good for your health! Talk about a bonus!


Since anal vibrators are meant to be inserted, they're shaped more like a shaft than a sleeve, but not quite like vibrators meant for vaginal insertion. An anal vibrator, for men or women, is usually not as long as a vaginal vibrator because the anal canal is shorter than a vagina. Anal vibrators also tend to have flared-out bases to prevent them from going too deep or slipping out of reach. Finally, an anal vibrator for men will often have an angled tip. That's to help it hit the prostate gland more easily and directly. Score!




If you're reading this for new ideas to please your penis-owning partner, we've got you covered. (How thoughtful of you, by the way.)


The key to partner play with a vibrator for men, like any sex toy, is communication. Of course, make sure he's open to using a vibrator before you even start. If he's in, pay attention to his verbal and non-verbal cues while you experiment. Ask what he likes (or doesn't), and adjust as you go. That being said, you might want to try these steps as a starting point when using a male vibrator on your guy for the first time.


(P.S. These tips can totally be used solo, too!)


1. Use It Manually First


Before you go full blast on him, let him get used to the feeling of the vibrator without the motor on. If it's not a sleeve, you don't have to head straight for the usual hotspots, either. Touch it gently to different parts of his body to introduce the texture and shape of it. Use it to massage his muscles, like his thighs.


2. Start Far And Wide


When you turn it on, start at the lowest speed. Keep resisting the urge to head straight for the penis and scrotum — you might be surprised where else vibrators for men can trigger pleasure, especially as part of the build-up. Start with the areas furthest away from the genitals, and work your way in. Your man may enjoy the sensation on his neck, shoulders, arms and legs, hands and feet, lower back, etc.


3. Go For The Super Sweet Spots


Gradually focus on more and more sensitive parts, like the nipples, butt, balls and penis. Start slow. Then adjust the settings and the pressure you apply as he craves more intensity. Some body parts will be more sensitive, and others may need a lot of vibration and pressure.


Try touching the vibrator to these spots to see what he likes, taking your time along the way:


• Trace it around the scrotum, or hold it gently against the underside

• Roll it around the frenulum and head of the penis

• Stroke it up and down the shaft

• Press or rub it firmly against the perineum (which stimulates the prostate externally)

• Move it around the edge of the anus

• If it's an anal vibrator, add (a lot of) lube and gently slip it inside once he's fully aroused and ready


With an anal vibrator, you can tilt it toward his front side to help stimulate his prostate. Some men looooove this. Let's be honest, though: Every dude is different, just like every woman is different. And that's totally OK! Have fun exploring together and figuring out what he likes.




As you may have guessed, the best vibrator for men is a matter of personal preference. Plus, it's hard to pick just a few when you're not really comparing apples to apples. We'll explain.


Some people feel that the best male vibrator takes the form of a penis sleeve, which you can hold in your hand. These are sometimes called vibrating stroker sleeves. You can also get sleeves that attach to the end of more "traditional" vibrators, like the Thunder Wrap Masturbator Wand Attachment, which attaches to the famous Magic Wand toy. Heck, you can even get a totally hands-free vibrator for men! For instance, the Apollo Power Stroker has a swiveling suction cup on one end to hold it in place while still accommodating all the motions of the ocean.


There's also the Multi Speed Vibrating Penis Head Teaser in Black, which gives "just the tip" a whole new, delightful meaning. Since the tip of the penis is one of the most sensitive parts of the male body, this little toy can pack big pleasure. (Speaking of tips, here's one: Try the Roborator Auto Head Stroker while you go down on your partner. Double the pleasure, double the fun!)


Then there are male vibrator options that visibly resemble the female physique. Some pocket pussies just pay homage to the vag and labia, like the Satisfyer Men Heat & Vibration Stroker. Others give you a little more to grab onto, like Vibrating-Cup Titties.


And we haven't even touched on what might make the best anal vibrator for men. Most beginners like a narrower tip, but some prefer a bigger toy for a fuller, stretched feeling. We suggest trying an option that's angled to reach the prostate, like the sleek and thin PinkCherry Prostate Massager Vibe, or the wider We-Vibe Vector Vibrating Prostate Massager — which also features a rolling pleasure-bead in the tip and a swollen base to grind against the perineum, so you can get that sweet spot from the inside and the outside at the same time. We could go on.


But who says you have to pick just one option, anyway? In the end, the best male vibrator is the one that feels best to you or your partner, and that can depend on what you're in the mood for. Sometimes it's best to mix things up. So heck, what are you waiting for? Go try 'em all


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