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Enjoy different clitoral stimulation with a wand vibrator

The wand is multifunctional. You can put the magic wand on the pillow and ride on it to make a DIY version of the rideable toy. Or, if you have a dildo that does not vibrate and you want it, you can insert the dildo into yourself and place the wand vibrator against the bottom of the toy so that the vibration will pass through it. You can use a magic wand on the clitoris or perineum (the area between the ball and anus) when you are with your partner to increase stimulation during oral, anus, or vaginal insertion. Yes, the wand vibrator does help relieve muscle soreness (this is the original use of the iconic Original Magic Wand), which is a very underrated form of foreplay. Seriously, the magic wand is more useful than a one-foot-long sex toy you think.

How is the wand vibrator different from other vibrators?

The wand vibrator (also known as the wand massager) is specifically designed for external use. Unlike a rabbit vibrator or a dildo, you usually don't insert this toy because it focuses on the clitoris, not the G-spot. The wand vibrator usually has a large spherical head designed to stimulate a wider area. Because the clitoris is actually larger than most people realize, many clitoral owners find that using a larger tip that covers more surface area actually equates to a stronger, more powerful orgasm.

Like other vibrators, the wand can be power or battery powered, and the vibration intensity may vary depending on the device you are using. We recommend rechargeable wand vibrators because you can use them anywhere and in any activity. They are more convenient but powerful. You don't need to worry about tangled wires, etc. Non-rechargeable battery-powered wand vibrators are generally weak, and because the battery drains quickly, you will have to pay an extra fee.

Choosing the right wand massager

Want to add a wand massager to your entertainment kit? This toy adds all the vibrations you need to get an unparalleled orgasm. Its powerful vibration can provide clitoral stimulation, produce a shocking orgasm, let you come again. Today, there are many different wand vibrators to choose from. Whether you choose a rechargeable wand vibrator or a silicone vibrator with a flexible neck, we offer a variety of wands to choose from. When choosing the perfect vibrator, be sure to consider its vibration mode options to increase stimulation.

If you are looking for an adult sex toy that can provide strong vibration to stimulate the clitoris, the wand massager is your best choice. Buy the wand of our online selection now and get all the good vibrations you need.