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9 Vibrating 3 Sucking Heating Automatic Male Masturbation Cup

Feb 17, 2221
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vibrating suction heating male masturbator cup
Powerful suction male masturbator cup

vibrating function


  • Curvy design, provide easy and comfortable grip.
  • 9-speed vibration+3-frequency sucking, multiple combinations provide endless pleasure.
  • 42℃ Intelligent heating, enjoy hot oral sex.
  • 26 particle protrusions, imitating the particles in the mouth to rub your dick.
  • USB rechargeable, get rid of the trouble of frequent battery replacement.
  • IPX7 water resistant, be a breeze to clean it up.



A male masturbation cup that can be cleaned automatically is attractive, isn't it? High-quality production materials, excellent workmanship and good waterproof performance come together to achieve automatic cleaning. Just turn on the vibration function and pour your favorite cleaning liquid into the cup to save a lot of trouble related to cleaning. In addition to this user-friendly design, it has many features that allow you to have the opportunity to experience sexual bliss. First of all, 9-speed vibration and 3-frequency sucking provide a total of 27 combinations. You will get 27 different levels of happiness! You are also free to increase the fun with your hand by moving the toy in multiple directions while your dick is in. Secondly, 42℃ is close to the real body temperature, and strive to bring you the most authentic oral sex. Moreover, you don't need to replace the battery frequently because it is USB rechargeable. A charging cable and sufficient power supply can keep it working for you.


Product size: 7.5× 3.5”

Insertable length: 2.95”

Entrance diameter: 1.7/1.4”

Noise: <50db

Material: ABS+silicone


Package included:
1 x masturbation cup

1 x charging cable


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This thing sucks

This thing sucks, but in a good way. The first two suction modes are strong and very pleasant. When first turned on, it sucks the head of your **** in tight and feels awesome. It would be great if there was a way to turn on the suction independent of the vibrator. As it is now, I find that all of the vibration modes except for the lowest one detract from the pleasure of the blow job simulation. Another plus for being able to turn off the vibrator without stopping the suction is that the vibrator gets very hot after about 10 - 15 minutes of use. In fact, the vibrator creates so much heat that the warming function really adds nothing and probably shouldn't be used. Important safety tip -- the instructions say "Prolonged use is not recommended. When the vibration gets warm, stop and cool the vibrator down before using it again." This is true. Although I wouldn't call 10 minutes "prolonged" use, the first time I used it, I got a raised welt on the tip of my **** because the vibrator got too hot. Fortunately, this went away pretty quickly but I was concerned for a while. Overall, this toy is awesome and I wouldn't hesitate to buy it.

Boyfriend was impressed

Boyfriend loved this! He was impressed with how it felt. Soft smooth and good enough for when I’m not around if you know what I mean. The controls are easy to access and the different modes made him go a little nuts. Super excited that I was able to find him something he loved!

Not your average stroker

I found this toy to be an exciting new experience. It is completely different than your average stroker. Matter of fact, you don’t really stroke with it at all. The suction is quite strong, making it somewhat difficult to pull out repeatedly, but it didn’t find that to be a problem because the vibration does all the work. It is a bit noisy as other reviewers have mentioned, and a good amount of lube makes all the difference. I do wish there was a bit more texture inside, it is pretty much a smooth cup except for a few rows of small raised bumps on top and bottom. The heating feature is nice and it works well. One thing to keep in mind is that the suction motor inlet is at the tip and the outlet is mid-shaft. So any liquid introduced also gets recirculated.

Tight and good suction

The device has a great tightness to it, and the sleeve is a very nice texture. I didn't even have to turn up the vibration. It made a good suction once I added a little bit of lubricant, and afterwards it was easy to clean. It only took me about ten minutes to get to the finish line on the moderate setting. The texture and tightness of the entrance is perfect for stimulating the head and coronal ridge, and the vibrator is placed right where the frenulum area is located, which most guys would agree is the perfect spot for vibration and extra stimulation. When taking it apart to clean it, pull very gently to get the soft sleeve out of the main body. The vibrator bullet is tucked inside the soft sleeve so you don't want to yank it too hard or you risk damaging the cord. Once out, the sleeve is very easy to wash clean with soapy water and turn inside out to wipe dry. I think this device is absolutely worth the price, and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a fun way to spice up their solo play-- or even use it with a friend! I can't wait to meet up with someone and try it out on them.