Silicone Dildo

A silicone dildo is a non-vibrating phallic sex toy made from silicon. Silicone dildos offer soft, yet firm internal and external stimulation for men and women. Many people prefer dildos made from silicone because the material is flexible, so the sex toys feel more realistic than dildos made from glass or other hard substances. Silicone dildos are also good for people with allergies and other sensitivities as they are skin-safe and phthalate-free.

Discover The Silky-Smooth Sensation Of A Silicone Dildo

Silicone dildo often referred to as the Cadillac of sex toys, a silicone dildo is soft and pleasing to the touch. Silicone is the quintessential material used for designer sex toys. Despite the plush material, silicone doesn't contain any pores, so it's hypoallergenic and incredibly easy to clean. And every soft silicone dildo is perfectly molded or textured to get you going and keep you cumming.

But dildos aren’t the only sex toys that can be crafted of this premium material. Tongue vibrators, finger vibrators and various anal toys can be made from silicone. Since silicone is 100 percent skin-safe and very easy to clean, it’s one of the materials that truly optimize the maintenance of sex toys.

Silicone Dildos FAQs

Do I Need to Spend on a Realistic Silicone Dildo?

Realistic silicone dildos are pricier than their rubber and PVC counterparts. The material, however, has several excellent characteristics that justify the investment.

Silicone is a non-porous material. This means it doesn’t harbor bacteria and it will keep your sex toy in an excellent condition for a longer period. Hence, you will get a much higher return on investment in the form of longevity.

What’s the Lifespan of a Silicone Sex Toy?

While jelly and rubber sex toys have to be replaced every few years, silicone sex toys are designed to last decades. In fact, high-quality medical grade silicone can easily outlast a human being. To be on the safe side, make sure your dildo isn’t made of a silicone and thermoplastic rubber (TPR) or PVC blend because that would shorten the lifespan.

What Lubricants Can I Use with a Soft Silicone Dildo?

This is another great characteristic of soft silicone dildos. They’re compatible with nearly all kinds of lubricants on the market. You can use both water-based and oil-based lubes to ensure smoother and easier insertion.

The only kind of lubricant to avoid is silicone-based lube. Silicone on silicone will lead to a disintegration effect that you don’t want for your favorite sex toy.

What Are Some Ways to Use a Silicone Dildo?

A soft silicone dildo is a great choice for solo fun and sex with a partner. You can simply rub it against sensitive body parts or apply a bit of pressure for a sensual massage. Silicone is an excellent material for both vaginal and anal play but do be careful about the size of the dildo you choose (especially if you have no experience with such sex toys).

Do both you and your partner enjoy penetration? In that case, a double-ended silicone dildo will give you the chance to engage in the same sexual activity, without having to take turns to pleasure each other.

More About Silicone Dildo

Silicone dildos may be used to caress the body externally or provide internal stimulation to the vagina or anus. If you’re going to use a silicone dildo for anal play, make sure you choose one with a flared base which can be easily retrieved and won’t travel too far inside the anal cavity. Silicone dildos are ideal for anal play as they’re easy to keep clean. As silicone is such a versatile material, silicone dildos can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Some are curved, to stimulate the G-spot, while other feature vein-like ridges to more accurately mimic a real penis. There are also double-ended silicon dildos for partner play. Alternatively, you could fit a silicone dildo into a strap-on harness.

Silicone dildos are relatively easy to insert, but a water-based lubricant can help you and enhance the sensations you feel. As silicon is an incredibly smooth material, you’ll find you won’t need as much lube as you would with a jelly or rubber dildo.Silicone dildos warm quickly to your body temperature. For an exciting twist, run them under hot or cold water for a brand new sensation.

If you’re new to silicone dildos, it’s best to start small. This will give you an opportunity to get used to handling one and the sensations it gives before going larger if you like.

Silicone dildos are non-porous, so they won’t breed bacteria as easily as some other dildos, like those made from cyberskin and jelly. However, proper cleaning is still crucial to avoid the spread of diseases. You should wash them after use with warm water and a mild soap. For a more thorough clean, disinfect them in boiling water for five minutes, run them through the dishwasher, or soak them in a mix of 90% water, 10% bleach for 15 minutes.

While silicone is durable, make sure to keep your dildo away from sharp objects that may tear or puncture its surface.