About Us

AcmeJoy is an international B2C e-commerce company that mainly manages adult products, provides sex toys like male masturbators, penis pumps, cock rings, anal stimulators, realistic dildos, and sex dolls, etc. Founded in 2011, AcmeJoy has long held the belief- "everyone deserves a better orgasm".

Our Mission

AcmeJoy prides itself on being able to satisfy a wide range of sexual needs and provide a greater variety of orgasms. It adheres to the idea that everyone deserves a better orgasm, whether you want to experience surreal oral sex pleasure, true-to-life intercourse, or even more intense anal stimulation, AcmeJoy will always offer something beyond your imagination. Acmejoy's goal is to provide high-quality products at the optimal prices to every user, as well as superior customer service.

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Company Address: 114 Melrich Road, Cranbury, NJ 08512