Announcement on plagiarism and misappropriation of the content of this website

In view of the large amount of plagiarism and misappropriation of the layout, structure and content of our company's official website by many peer websites, which seriously infringes the rights and interests of our company's website, our company solemnly declares: We strongly despise and resolutely oppose unauthorized theft of website content. For infringing companies (individuals) that infringe on the interests of our company, we request that the unauthorized infringing parts be deleted and corrected immediately. We reserve the right to pursue relevant economic compensation from the relevant infringing party.

We once again call for a joint boycott of the abominable plagiarism!

At present, there are customers having purchased counterfeit products on plagiarizing websites, and our company is not responsible for this.

Please recognize the ACMEJOY.COM, and beware of imitation, fake and poor products.