• How Does A Penis Pump Exactly Work?

    Many men, especially middle-aged and elderly men with cardiovascular disease, have varying degrees of difficulty with erections. 
  • Why Penis Excercises Are Important?

    Men think about sex all the time, but rarely notice the importance of regular penis exercise in improving sexual performance. 
  • Black Friday 2021: Acme Discounts from AcmeJoy is a boutique-style online store focusing on providing the highest quality sex toys for all groups. 
  • 4 Common Fetishes That Turn People On

    If you’re someone that got a rebellious appetite or a taste for the kinky, these sexual fetishes can help to spicy your sex life up.

  • 5 Hidden Female Erogenous Zones You Should Know

    Foreplay is an important part of sex, where you can feel the warmth and love of each other’s skin, whether it’s a kiss, a hug or a caress. Most People’s erogenous zones are the neck, breasts, or direct contact with private parts.
  • Arouse Your Inner BDSM Lust

    In the book Tell Me What You Want, Justin Lehmiller, an American psychologist, collected the opinions of more than 4,000 Americans and found three of the most beloved sexual fantasies, and the top one is BDSM. 
  • Is There Anything Other Than An Masturbation Cup that Pleases Your Cock?

    To some extent, it is laziness and hedonism that promote the progress of science and technology- for easier cleaning, commuting, climbing stairs, or more comfortable sleeping, bathing, traveling, etc. Namely, all inventions and infrastructure are created because of human beings’ various desires.
  • Self-Inspection of Your Semen Quality

    If you know anything about the process of medical sperm donation, you will realize that the criteria for it are very strict. Nearly 70% of men’s sperm quality would fail to meet this standard if they were assessed against it.
  • 4 Sex Toys That Help to Spicy Up Your Intimacy

    The world is a higgledy-piggledy place, containing things troublesome in a haphazard sequence that get you down. The only effective solution would definitely be one thoroughly enjoying sex with your significance.
  • Male Perineum: An Underrated Pleasure Area

    A man’s perineum is between his testicles and anus. This is a sexy zone that deserves to be treated well. Arlene Goldman, the author of Secrets of Sexual Ecstasy, says this area is packed with nerve endings and is sensitive to external stimuli.
  • The Best G Spot Vibrators – Trembling Orgasm Within Minutes

    Everyone knows you’re having great sex when you exhibit an aura of after sex glow. What they don’t know is that this glow can be the result of an orgasm you experienced while you were masturbating with a top G spot vibrator.
  • Wand Vibrators Woman Could Never Live Without

    Wand vibrators are the most powerful categories of sex toys for external stimulation of the clitoris. There is no question about it. The Hitachi Magic Wand, is so crazy-strong that it will make the knees of absolutely every woman on this planet tremble.