The Buzz About Suction Vibrators

If you’re reading sex toy news every day like I normally am (business as usual, I suppose), you’ve probably been hearing all the rage lately about these suction-based clitoral stimulators like Lelo Sona,Acmejoy, Womanizer, and Satisfyer Pro. They claim to be a new type of female masturbators where instead of the traditional vibration directly on your clitoris, it creates a suction motion onto your visible portion of the clitoris. There have been so many reviews from customers swearing that they orgasmed in under 30 seconds and that it’s the best orgasm they’ve ever had.

More subtle than the powerful vibration of some sex toys, a clit sucking sex toy gently sucks and pulses with a light touch to guarantee you an orgasm. Whether you are new to the adult sex toy game or not, adding a clit sucking vibrator to your toolkit is an excellent way to take you pleasure to a whole new level.

At Acmejoy, your pleasure is our number one priority. Whether you go for a clitoral sucking vibrator, thrusting vibrator or another type of stimulator, we know you'll find superior satisfaction when using our products. Here you'll also find more classically designed clitoral pumps, some featuring vibration as a complement to plumping, stimulating gentle suction. On that note, some of the newer suction stimulators are featuring powerful vibration as well, great news for sensation seekers! Have a browse through the clit sucking toy bestsellers- they'll appear at the top of your search, but be sure to scroll down for the latest clitoral suction and stimulation tools.