Thrusting Anal Plugs Add Fun To Your Anal Sex Life

If you're looking to spice up the old sex life, then why not try the new thrusting anal plugs? Unlike your traditional plugs, these toys will actually pump, thrusting and jerk inside your anus, allowing you to enjoy a sensation similar to anal sex. Of course, using an thrusting anal plug isn't just limited to solo play: you can also incorporate it into your partner's play for extra fun!

We should never underestimate the fun that comes with a thrusting  anal plug. As with all butt plugs, the available sizes of thrusting anal plugs vary greatly, as does the design. Smooth plugs are the easiest to insert, but textured plugs will provide more stimulation during insertion/removal.

Whether you're looking for an thrusting anal plug with a waterproof remote control, pick your perfect anal thrusters with Acmejoy.