Wearable vibrator suitable for couples games

If you're looking to spice up your sex toy collection, wearable vibrators remain a vastly underrated alternative to your standard rabbit or wand. Not only are they perfect for hands-free solo sessions, but they're also great for couples looking to engage in a discreet form of public play.

The mark of a good wearable vibrator, especially one you plan on wearing outside the bedroom, is how quiet it is. It's also essential that you choose one that comes with a small remote control, so your partner can control your pleasure in a discreet way. Beyond that, choosing a wearable vibrator is mostly a matter of personal preference. Do you want one that offers clitoral stimulation, G-spot stimulation, or both? Some wearable vibrators even come with added bells and whistles, like heating capabilities, multiple massage modes, or anal beads for triple the stimulation. 

At Acmejoy, we've "pegged" down an incredible vibrating strap-on collection to help you and your partner experience all the sexual thrills and chills you need. We carry a wide variety of strap on options, including traditional dildo and harness style sets, just with a little extra buzz. From realistic sex toy options with lifelike skin tones to full-blown fantasy options with wild textures and exciting colors, we've got it all. You can get wearable vibrators, too, including a great range of vibrating underwear that is sure to tickle you with excitement. There are plenty of non-phallic strap-on vibrator options as well, including many that are made for all kinds of couples.

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Whether you choose a strap-on Butterfly Vibrator or a pair of Vibrating Panties, these discreet adult toys caress your sweetest spots with precise vibrations for pleasure wherever you like! Butterfly vibrators feature adjustable straps which are worn around the legs to provide hands-free, pin-point clitoral stimulation during masturbation or sex.