6 Effective and The Best Sex Positions for Beginners

6 Effective and The Best Sex Positions for Beginners

If you are going to have sex for the first time with your partner and want to make it memorable, then you might need to understand a few things about intercourse. Of course, it will not be easy as a beginner because you do not have any experience in having sex. However, there are several things that you can try as a beginner because they are easy to perform and provide you with the best feeling ever.

Sex is a piece of art; mastering it is not the hardest job. However, withbest sex positions for beginners, you can achieve success. Having normal sex can be boring, and people usually change different positions to spice things up.


Missionary is one of the most famous sex positions of all time, and you may have witnessed people having sex in these positions in porn videos. You can easily replicate them with your partner if they feel comfortable.

How to:For this position, you must make your woman lie down on her back and you must lie on them with your face down on the top of your partner. Slowly insert your penis into your partner's vagina and enjoy it.

Missionary is considered as thebest sex positions for beginnersbecause it is a very easy position for beginners. It is very simple and versatile. You can even make minor changes, such as changing your angel by shifting a little bit. However, this position will drive your partner crazy because it directly hits the G-spot, which is situated under the belly bottom of a female.


Another good position for a beginner because it allows you to control the level of penetration and intensity of speed while having sex. You can even customize this position according to your cup of tea. For example, you can quickly change your position by winding your knees or bringing your partner closer to your body. Again, it will help you to arouse different sensations for both of you.

How to:Lie down on your back and ask your partner to come over your penis. This position can easily help you to kiss your partner while you are enjoying having sexual intercourse. Also, touching their booty and size while bouncing their body up and down will be a good option to satisfy all your needs.

The cowboy position is famous from ancient times because you can control everything in this position. You can instantly change this position to missionary without any disturbance. All you must do is get upside down. Touching her boobs would be a good idea to give them more pleasure.

Cowgirl’s helper

Cowgirl's helper is also thebest sex positions for beginnersbut still significantly different from others. For example, in the cowgirl position the female partner must bounce up and down so that the male partner can fully enjoy without giving something to her partner. On the other hand, in cowgirl's helper, female partners do not have to do anything. Only they must sit upon their male partner and let them do their job.

How to:Same as a cowgirl, you must lie down on your back and let your female partner sit on your penis. But make sure that you must provide extra space by shifting your partner a little bit forward to your chest so that you can make the pull and push.


If you are looking for early morning sex, no position can be better than the spoon. It is one of these interesting positions but still very effective. It is very popular because it allows you to have a lot of skin-to-skin contact with your partner and provide you with an amazing angle of penetration. Besides having sex, you can also enjoy the experience of cuddling. You can also tickle their clit from this position to give them extra love.

How to:Both partners must lie down facing the same direction, and from that angle, you must enter the vaginal opening of your partner from behind. A beginner can easily understand it, so you will not have difficulty doing this.


Face-off is another of the most popular types of positions common in Western countries. It is perfect because it helps you to get closer to your partner while having sex with incredible power. You can take control of everything from the angle to the depth of your thrust. Moreover, being seated also helps you save a lot of power that you can later use for other positions.

How to:You must sit face to face on the edge of your bed or a chair with your partner. It will help you to hit the perfect G-spot angle, which can arouse your partner.

Doggy style

Doggy style is anotherbest sex positions for beginnersthat hits your female partner straight up G-spot. Because in this position, women must make a position like a dog, which lets her belly button come closer to her vagina. G-spot is one of the most sensitive parts and hitting the right up to that place can easily stimulate the entire body. It can be a good beginner's position if you are going to have sex for the first time in your entire life.


Before coming into play, getting knowledge of different positions can be a good idea to make your night memorable with your girlfriend or wife. The above positions are significantly effective and easier to perform. However, to satisfy your partner, try them with a handle and care.


1.    How to have safe and sound sex with a partner?

Ans.For safe sex, make sure to use lubrication because it will help reduce friction between you and your partner.

2.    How to stop sexually transmitted diseases during sex?

Ans.Using condoms would be best for avoiding STDs because it saves you from getting into direct skin-to-skin contact.

3.    How can I spice up my sex life with my partner?

Ans.The best thing a person can do to enhance their experience of having sex is to include sex toys. They are the best tools to enjoy foreplay in your life.