Amazing Tips To Use Sex Toys Like A Pro for an Ultimate Experience

A lot of people own a sex toy of some kind, and that number is only growing bigger as society becomes more sex-positive. However, with so many different types of sex toys on the market these days, it can be confusing to know exactly how to use sex toys. You can get many ideas to use sex toys when you search online but here is a guide on sex toys andHow to Use Sex Toys Like a Pro.

What Is A Sex Toy?

Sex toys are tools that provide pleasure. Much like a comfortable chair or foot bath, sex toys help you tofeel good. The only difference is that these things generally focus on erogenous zones, such as your genitalia, to offer sexual pleasure. In addition to vibrating, thrusting, sucking, pulsating, and moving in a myriad of other ways that stimulate a pleasurable response in your body.

Types Of Sex Toys


The oldest and most basic type of sex toy and an ideal place to begin if you don't know what you're after. They are non-electrical, meaning you don't need to worry about noise or paying extra for fancy features, and they are often just made of one solid material.


It contains a motor that produces sensations you find pleasurable when applied to the body; these toys have the advantage that they can be enjoyed externally as well as internally, letting them work in a wider range of situations.

Suction Stimulators

A new type of sex toy that has only popped into existence over the last few years is the suction, or air pulse, stimulator. These toys feature a chamber that can be fitted over the clitoris and sometimes even the penis. Pressure waves then work to create a pleasurable sucking sensation, and they're frequently paired with vibrations too.


Plugs are similar to dildos in that they are used internally and are usually non-electrical. The difference is while dildos have those long shafts that are good for thrusting, plugs literallyplugyour hole. Short and stout, these toys typically feature bulbous ends and wide bases so that they can sit comfortably inside of you whilst you go about your day.


All sex toys could be classified as masturbators; this category is used to refer to toys that are designed especially for the penis. This includes sleeves intended to look like vaginas or other body parts and more pricey electronic options. Whichever you choose, the main idea is that penis can be inserted into these toys to create pleasurable sensations that mimic penetration.

Cock Rings

Cock rings are another type of toy that is designed specifically for the penis. Typically as simple as a stretchy ring, the intention here is to restrict blood flow to allow for harder erections that also last longer. This is particularly good during couples' play, and vibrating versions also exist to provide stimulation for both parties during penetrative sex.

How To Choose The Right Sex Toy

First of all you have to think about what you want for yourself and what kind of sex toy you need. Then the next thing you have to consider is what is it made of? Thes sex toys are made with different kinds of materials. However, for the majority of toys, just know that silicone is the way to go and avoid transparent-looking materials, such as jelly. After understanding all your needs, you can choose an ideal sex toy for yourself or many more if you want more.

Simple Tips For Using Sex Toys Like A Pro

Using a sex toy isn't necessarily about how you use it – in most cases, you just need to lube up and put the toy in the feel-good zones. Sure, some of the toys will need to be charged up or have fresh batteries put in. This section is a collection of the best tips forHow to Use Sex Toys Like a Prowherever you may want to play.

Enjoy The Build Up

Using sex toys isn't a thing that should be rushed. However, when you're first starting out with a toy, you should go slowly. A slowly built-up orgasm feels crazy good, and while it does require a bit of patience, it's more than worth the extra effort. By the time you have mastered the art of self-control and the build-up – your orgasms will be body-convulsing and eye-twitching, and you will be left screaming – and that's what you want!

Bring Your Partner Into The Fun

If you're using toys with a partner, show them how you like to pleasure yourself with your toys. Verbalize what you like, what feels good, and what doesn't. Using sex toys alone can be super fun. However, in order to change things up, bring your partner into the whole experience.

Different angles, different power, the human connection – it all adds to the experience, and it's definitely worth bringing your partner into the fun sometimes.

Change Things Up

Once you hit that sweet spot of using a sex toy, it can be hard to go back to experimenting. All have only a set number of positions that work for us, and it makes sense to go with the ones you know will work. However, discovering new positions for using sex toys is the most amazing feeling in the world – seriously. Try going into doggy-position and using a toy from behind; try riding a toy like a cowgirl – try Everything.

Use Multiple Sex Toys At The Same Time

If you are a little on the naughty side – then this tip is definitely worth a try. Try using multiple sex toys to stimulate different pleasure points at the same time. For example, use a clitoral vibrator and an anal dildo at the same time. Imagine the feeling of powerful clitoral masturbation coupled together with the sensation of fullness from a dildo.

How To Clean Your Sex Toys

You want to ensure that if it's an electronic/mechanized toy that it's waterproof. If it's not waterproof, use a damp washcloth to wipe it down. All non-porous sex toys can be cleaned with good ol' liquid hand soap and water, then laid out to air-dry. If your toy has little grooves, use a toothbrush dedicated solely to cleaning your devices to get into the crevices.


What's the Benefit of Using Sex Toys?

Sex toys are great for the exploration of yourself and your partner. Especially for women who have had issues with excitement and orgasm in the past, they can be a great resource to find new techniques to achieve pleasure goals.

How To Use Sex Toys Aa A Couple?

Sex toys aren't just fun when playing alone. They also offer exciting foreplay options for couples, and enhancements during sex.

How to Use Toys For Foreplay and Bedroom Sex?

Sex toys provide the ideal foreplay option because they save you and your partner's energy for the main event while heightening the excitement beforehand. Using sex toys for foreplay instead of individual use also provides a more intense experience that will have you quickly jumping on each other. By letting your partner control the toy, you will be pushed beyond your normal limits. The added orgasms and pleasure are often so strong they can cause squirting. Bringing whips and ties, a sex swing, or themed props to the bedroom can bring you and your partner's fantasies to life.