Do Women Like Anal Sex? An Overview

There are a lot of misunderstandings about anal sex, so you may have questions of which you are unsure. For example, is it extremely high risk? Can you get sexually transmitted infections (STIs) from it? And who can have anal sex?

Read on to learn all you need about anal sex, including the risks, benefits,do women like anal sexand how to do it safely.

Description Of Anal Sex

When we talk about anal sex, we mean any sexual activity involving the anal area (bottom). This includes penetrating the anus with a penis, sex toys or fingers, and oral sex – anal stimulation using the mouth or tongue.

Anal sex is not an activity linked to one gender or sexual orientation – anyone may choose to do it.

Do Women Enjoy Anal Sex?

Some women enjoy anal sex, some women do not and some have mixed feelings. In one survey of 2000 adults, 37% of women endorsed having had anal sex with an opposite-sex partner.

Like anything else, it is a personal choice. Lots of women like anal sex just as much as they like vaginal sex, and many even enjoy anal sex more. Orgasms are orgasms, even when they are anal orgasms. So yes, anal orgasms are a real thing. And by this it clears the question on “do women like anal sex”.

If you do not enjoy anal sex or are not interested in trying, that is perfectly okay. There is nothing wrong with knowing what you want and do not want out of your sexual relationships. It is also okay to be curious and not have all the answers.

Risk Factors Associated with Anal Sex

If you are considering anal sex, you may wonder: is anal sex dangerous? Well, as with any sex, anal sex has risks.

In fact, anal sex has a higher risk of spreading sexually transmitted infections (STIs) than other types of sex, such as vaginal or oral. This is because the lining of the anus is thin and more easily damaged, which in turn makes it more likely to get infected.

STIs that can be passed on during anal sex include:

  • chlamydia
  • genital herpes
  • genital warts
  • gonorrhea
  • hepatitis B
  • HIV
  • syphilis

Infections caused by bacteria or viruses, such as E. coli and hepatitis A, can also be passed on by oral-anal sex. Anal penetration with fingers can also pass on STIs.

Ways To Have Safe Anal Sex

While anal sex has health risks, you can minimize these risks by practicing safe sex. If you have vaginal sex right after anal sex, you should use a new condom. This avoids transferring bacteria from the anus to the vagina, which can lead to an infection.

7 Benefits of Anal Sex for You

Anal Orgasms

The first thing to realize before we talk about any benefits is that anal sex can absolutely be safe, clean, pain-free, and, most importantly, pleasurable. It is possible to orgasm on the receiving end of anal sex, regardless of gender. According to the Journal of Sexual Medicine, of the 31 percent of women surveyed who had engaged in anal sex during their most recent sexual encounter, 94 percent had an orgasm.

The Taboo Factor

Do women like anal sexmight be a great question. But you must know that anal sex is taboo; because it's taboo, people want to try it. It feels naughty, and there is something about trying it for the first time that makes it that much more appealing. People view it as something forbidden and strange, which can make it a turn-on. Of course, we know it is neither forbidden nor strange, but that is how many people view it.

The more we talk about and educate people on the very natural and pleasurable act of anal sex, the less taboo it will be.

A Good Option During Your Period

Period sex can be magnificent. If you are not into vaginal sex during menstruation, that is entirely understandable. However, that does not mean you have to lock it down if you feel in the mood. Anal sex is an excellent alternative for intimacy and pleasure.

No Risk of Pregnancy

It is not possible to get pregnant from anal sex. So, the same intimacy and pleasure without worrying about whether you took your pill. That said, there are a few important things to note here.

  • If semen is spilled into the vagina or vulva, pregnancy can occur.
  • Secondly, like unprotected vaginal intercourse, unprotected anal intercourse is an elevated risk for sexually transmitted infections, including HIV and HPV.
  • Use condoms during anal sex to decrease the risk of sexually transmitted infections.

Opportunity To Try New Toys

Anal sex means toy shopping! When prepping for anal, it is important not to go full-on penetration if it is your first time. Instead, start slowing with fingers and introduce toys like anal beads and butt plugs. It usually takes an anus 4-6 weeks to become fully prepped to receive a penis or something similar, so anal toys are great training wheels that can get you there.

It is essential only to use toys with a flared base because, little known fact, your butt is a vacuum and will suck up any object into it…. And you do not want to go to the hospital because you have a cucumber in your colon.

Increases Intimacy with Your Partner

People are anal about their buttholes. When we are uncomfortable, we clench it up tighter than Fort Knox. So openly welcoming someone around, let alone into it, is a sign of deep intimacy and trust.

Anal sex for many partners is a new frontier for strengthening their bond and opening new doors (literally) for physical intimacy and exploration. However, it requires consistent and robust communication as well as complete trust. You are not going to let any ole body in your booty.

Final Thoughts

We love talking about butts and introducing people to new ways to love their butts. Anal sex is becoming less and less taboo the more we discuss it and share in its awesomeness.

Whether you are a veteran bottom or a new top, anal sex can bring immense pleasure and joy if you are doing it safely and using protection. Now go! Have sex! Explore!