Explore the Unique Benefits of Buying a Personal Sex Machine

Sex machines are generally larger than traditional sex toys and designed for sexual penetration and other sexual activities. Sometimes you will achieve orgasm on your own or with the help of some toys; a sex machine can do better by stimulating and massaging different body parts to bring you a more pleasurable orgasm. Most people use and recommend this most versatile sex machine to their friends.

As a beginner to the sex machines, you must be conscious about how they work and how to properly use one of the most suitable sex- machines.

What Exactly is a Sex Machine

A sex machine is usually bigger than a vibrator or a penis masturbator and uses mechanical components to make different movements or vibrations. They can thrust, vibrate, stroke, or generally move. Although there are a lot of porn videos around the net of women using them, men and non-binary individuals can also use sex machines for vaginal, anal, penile, and clitoral stimulation, as well as general orgasmic bliss. These machines usually do not fit inside your nightstand drawer, but what they lack in compactness, they make up for in power, customizability, and functionality.

What Kind of Sex Machines are Out There?

Sex machines can be categorized into the following product types:


A sex saddle is a mount that you sit on with the intention of feeling good. Harnesses usually come with various attachments you can grind against or be penetrated by. They can also be extremely powerful and loud.


Gliders are similar to the saddle in that you mount it, but unlike the aforementioned saddles, they're powered by your body. You can control the speed and vigor of penetration with your own body's movements. No plugs or cords are required.


As you see, many of these categories also describe the type of stimulation they provide. Thrusters, well, thrust. Automatically. You can find the cool-looking device above over at the Stockroom (and stock up on attachments to your heart's content).

Material Quality

As with all sex toys, materials and build quality matter. Especially since many lower-cost sex machines quickly start in the hundreds of dollars, you'll probably want something that will last for a while. Furthermore, suppose you're looking for a device that will penetrate any body part. In that case, you'll want to look for something that uses nonporous materials, such as medical-grade silicone, so you can stay clean, healthy, and infection-free while having fun.

How to Use Sex Machine

  • Pay attention to the direction of the sex machine, and avoid the wires and debris coming close to the rotating part.
  • It is forbidden to energize the machine during the installation.
  • Please turn off the controller and point it to 0 before installation is complete.
  • After use, you must turn off the controller and tell it to 0 for convenient use.
  • The metal part of the lock rod is forbidden to meet the water, and it must be air-dried after washing; otherwise, the lock will be invalid.
  • Please use the earth wire, and disconnect the plug after use.

How to Clean a Sex Machine Without Damaging The Motor

When cleaning a toy that turns on, there are a few ways to help the toy last longer and protect the motor. These days, most of the sex machines we recommend are waterproof or at least water-resistant. Still, they'll last longer if you hand wash them with care instead of soaking them in a basin.

If Your Toy Uses Batteries:

  1. Take the batteries out, and re-close the compartment.
  2. Clean it with a soapy washcloth, and then wipe it down with a wet, soap-free washcloth.
  3. Open the battery port and let it air-dry with the compartment open.

How to Choose The Right Sex Machine?

Sex machines have an array of options that allow you to control your pleasure, including pressure, speeds, positions, and thrusting styles. But, sadly, sex machines don't come cheap, and the models currently on the market can be a bit hit or miss: so you should make sure you take the time to find the right one for you.

When browsing for a sex machine, swot up on the functionalities that each machine has to offer and be careful to consider whether the toy will be able to offer the angles or flexibility that you might be looking for. Consider whether you'd rather sit or lie down when using a sex machine or want a smaller, more versatile version that you can position.

Finally, you want to avoid landing yourself with a faulty, unsafe machine; safety first, people!

What Are The Benefit of Getting a Personal Sex Machine?

Safe Sex

When you're having fun with your dildo, there are almost no health risks if you don't clean it properly. So that means safe sex is guaranteed.


We're not saying you shouldn't have a sexual partner, but a sex machine is much better for keeping things private.


Sex machines don't always have to be huge metal things you can't take anywhere with you. Many of them are smaller. Don't let that fool you, though. They pack a punch and won't leave you disappointed.


● If you buy inferior materials, it might hurt your skin's poor quality silicone material or inferior quality and not have a solid and safe waterproof function.

● Excessive use leads to addiction, damages health, and wastes time.


How does a sex machine work?

Sex machines are mechanical sex toys designed to simulate realistic penetration sex. The most common products are thrusters that use a motor to drive a rod with an attached dildo.

Can only women use sex machines?

Not! People of all genders and sexual identities can use sex machines. For example, prostate owners will receive a lot of pleasure from anal penetration with a sex machine.

Are sex machines safe?

Sex machines are generally safe. However, you must buy from a trusted retailer and follow all safety guidelines. If some part of the device breaks or malfunctions, immediately stop and contact the manufacturer.