How to Have Sex in A Movie Theater


When people want to bring sex fantasies to life and enjoy the sensuality of public intercourse, the cinema is always the place to be. In the dark, all the excitement is amplified. It’s something about the dark, the smell of the crowd, and the projector’s flickering lights. Having sex inside the cinema is an experience akin to the stuff you see on the screen. But how to pull off cinema sex fantasy?


How to Have Sex in A Movie Theater


Choose the best time and spot


You don’t want to get caught in a screening of a hit movie. So it becomes absolutely important to choose a film that’s not as top-rated or a movie that’s appropriate. Horror or film with good audio-visual effects are especially recommended, and things will be easier in a screening that plays in the middle of the night.


To make sure everything goes according to plan, you and your partner should find some seats in the back row. Sitting in the back of the group will make your sneaky sex goes more smoothly. Not all kinds of audiences will be okay with the two of you humping on the backseats. If you don’t want to get into trouble, avoid theaters with too many minors. It’s just not cool.


How to Have Sex in A Movie Theater


Of course, it’s best to do everything after the opening, even if you can’t wait to touch each other. Watch the trailers and act normal, don’t rush into the scenario. Wait for everyone to be in the mood to watch, and then you can start your exciting game. If you don’t have a chance to get a backseat, you can leave the screening room and go to the bathroom. It’s still a semi-public place. You’ll still have fun and you’ll avoid getting caught.


With the help of wearable sex toys


Remote control sex toys are the real life changer. Public-play with them allows a great sex experience that not get hurt, not get caught, and gain ultimate pleasure get possible.


Pick a quiet vibrator whose highest noise level should be no more than 50db, and hand the remote control to your significance.


How to Have Sex in A Movie Theater


Many men enjoy seeing the subtle changes in expression while the girl is trying to hold things together in public, the ineluctable moves because of the stimulation, the intolerable urgency to let out what's inside, and the anticipation of how she will react during the orgam.


As for women, many of us love the feeling of being dominated during sex. By relinquishing control to him, she can be fully relaxed and only concentrate on her own body and pleasure.


No wonder public play is the fantasy for many couples!


How to Have Sex in A Movie Theater


All you need to do is fingering each other all wet, have a nice blowjob, and use the remote control to arouse each other and edge each other and let her/him come.