How to Safely and Efficiently Store Toys to Extend Their Life

More individuals are invested in their sex toys nowadays. But since the majority of the individuals who buy adult toys are first-timers, learning about the proper ways of storing these things is essential so they can enjoy using them for a long time. Your sex toys are wonderful tools, but they can become a lot less wonderful if you don't care for them properly. Here you will get to knowEverything You Need To Know About Storing Toys Safelyto ensure they get a long life and you get the most enjoyment from them:

Why Is Sex Toy Storage Important?

Storing your favorite sex toys has many benefits.

●     First, it ensures your toys' safety. Don't forget that you'll be utilizing them in the most private parts of your body. They must be away from direct sunlight, dust particles, pet hair, and dirt for hygienic reasons.

●     Storing sex toys can improve their durability and longevity. You've spent money on your sex toy collection, and it's only fitting that you keep all your toys in the best sex toy storage available. This way, you can use them for a longer time.

Types of Storage

Storing sex toys gives you discretion, but it also helps keep you and your toys safe for use. Let's know about some types of storage for sex toys:

Bags and Pouches

Bags and pouches are ideal storage for sex toys. They're flexible, letting them accommodate models with peculiar designs, such as vibrators. Females need not worry about their vibes getting smashed and snagged inside. In addition, they can be very stylish too and will make traveling so convenient. No one would ever figure out what's in the bag as you go places. These are convenient storages to keep your sex toys safe from bacteria.

Sex Toy Boxes

It's also an excellent prop for organizing your things, and won't it be nice to have your sexy playthings just in one adult toy box? Boxes are best for those who have multiple sex toys, and you can even hide them in certain areas that you can only access. These unique storage boxes are also adjustable and even have removable trays so that you can store even more giant toys.

How To Store Sex Toys: Best Ways To Store Sex Toys

High-end sex toys can be quite costly as they are made with quality materials that are meant to last for a long time. But without appropriate storage, these toys can deteriorate, leading to less enjoyment and the need to replace them. Here isEverything You Need To Know About Storing Toys Safely:

Clean It Thoroughly First

Yes, you are probably exhausted after using a sex toy, but cleaning your sex toys is priority number one and must be done before storing them. Sex toys will have remains of bodily fluids and lube on them. If these are not washed off, dangerous bacteria can easily grow. Then, if you utilize a dirty sex toy on the most sensitive areas of your body, infections can easily happen.

Get A Storage Bag/Case For Each

Each sex toy should be stored on its own. Therefore, you need a specific case or bag for each toy. Most sex toys do come with their own case, so be sure to keep this for storage. However, if you have a sex toy that doesn't have an included case, don't despair. A cloth bag works best as you can find suitable, discreet bags in many local stores.

Another alternative is a box. There are even special cases that are form-fitting for vibrators and other accessories. These cases are especially good for glass dildos as they will protect them from being scratched or even broken. Finally, if you have small pieces, such as nipple clamps, that are not made from sensitive materials, you can make sure they don't get lost by storing them in Ziploc bags. This way, pieces of a set stay together and nothing gets lost.

Choose A Place That Is Discreet

Sure, there may be some individuals who take pride in their sexual lives. But most people would feel a bit embarrassed if guests come over and are met with a wall of toys. To prevent any embarrassment, find a place for your sex toys that is discreet. This should be large enough for your whole collection. While you may need to place various toys in different locations, too many hiding spots means you could potentially forget about certain toys, thus missing out on their enjoyment. Find a place that is both discreet and easy to access.

Do Not Store The Toys Together

While you certainly store your sex toys in the same area, they should absolutely not be stored in the same bag or case. In fact, sex toys that are stored together so that they are touching have a very high chance of becoming ruined. This is because materials like rubber and silicone can actually melt if placed together. And, because sex toys are contoured in a specific way, having any parts of them melt or become disfigured can really impact the sensations they are supposed to produce. A simple bit of organization is all you need to keep your sex toys lasting for a long time.

How To Clean Sex Toys

If you keep the packaging, there should be cleaning instructions. However, you can use these tips to clean your sex toys:

●     If you're using a sex toy made of a nonporous material. Use a mild soap free of any micro-beads, exfoliants, or harsh ingredients.

●     Suppose it's made of a porous material. You can try cleaning it with some mild soap and water, but that might not get it completely clean. If you're using this kind of toy with a partner, we'd recommend trying it with a condom to make sure no bacteria or STIs are transferred.

●     If it isn't waterproof, be careful about putting a non-waterproof toy (especially one that vibrates or is motorized) right into the water. Just use a washcloth with mild soap and a little bit of water, and then dry it with a paper towel.




How to keep my sex toys charged while stored?

Use a sex toy organizer with an opening on the side for charging. You can also use a battery pack or portable USB charger to keep the devices charged inside the boxes.


How much storage do you need?

Before you spend for storage for your sex toy or toys, you'll need to take the measure of your collection. To be sure the solution will fit your requirements, you'll have to ensure the length of the toy, as many storage boxes and bags can just accommodate sex toys that are up to 7 or 8 inches in length. You should also consider what things you need to store in addition to the sex toys; things like lube, condoms, toy cleaners, chargers, etc., should all have a storage place in whatever storage you decide on.