What is a male masturbator? how to use?


Male masturbators are male sex toys that usually consist of a soft, pliable sleeve into which a man can insert his penis. They are to designed to help men get more pleasure out of masturbation.


A male masturbator may also be known as a pocket pussy or cock sleeve.


Types of male masturbators


Male masturbators can range from simple to complex. Some are nothing more than sleeves with two open ends. Others, however, may have nubs or ridges inside them, or may even be molded to simulate vaginal, oral, anal, or even breast. More complex male masturbators may even include realistic body parts or characteristics, like hips, buttocks, or hair. As we choice and interest we can order different types of male masturbators at online website.


1.Blow job masturbator toys


Blow job toys are the part of masturbator sex toy. Blow job toys are made by the same as women's mouth's shape, teeth, tongue, throat. Blow job toys deliver the real sensation of a blow job for men. All blow job sex toys are made by soft material. So that blow job toys are cannot hurt for men's penis. Men really like blow jobs but sometimes his partner no to do that then he can use blow job sex toys easily. Doing blow job get more sensation in the sexual activity for men. Blow job sex toy more real sucking activity delivers to men.


2.Handheld Masturbators


The handheld masturbator is a sex toy for men. Men can use it with hands. Handheld masturbator the same as hand masturbation but new feeling and sensation. We can use it with any position like seating and Lie down position. Some user uses it as a beginner sex toy for masturbation. Handheld masturbators have come into different texture, sizes, material, structure, and features. Men are using handheld masturbators to increasing own stamina and sensation. You can carry easily to go anywhere.


3.Hands Free Masturbators


Hands-free masturbators are also the part of men's sex toys but they are different from handheld masturbators because we can use it without hands so that gives relief to hands. Hand-free masturbators are provided more pleasure against any other sex toy because they can get hand free sensation. After using a handheld sex toy you can use hand-free masturbators.


4.Penis Enhancement Toys


Penis enhancement toys are also used by men for increasing penis size and length. But if you consider that only a big penis is good so it is not the right thought. But some men discuss the size of own penis. Penis enhancement sex toys are special sex toys because they can provide sexual sensation as well as penis length. After using penis enhancement sex toys you should clean and keep it a safe place.


How To Choose a Male Masturbator?


According to the above mention, We know that all the types of male masturbators sex toys and what is male masturbator sex toys. Now we will choose a male masturbator that suits us.


Manual or Automatic?


It’s really up to you. However, you should know that the automatic model does not give you control of the movements. You are guided by the rhythm of the toy and can’t impose yours. If you try to impose your rhythm, you risk breaking the sex toy. This is not the case of the manual model that gives you complete control of your feelings, pace, and desires.


What Shape Do You Prefer?


Do you want it classic or prefer the Dracula shape? Do you want you favorite pornstar’s mould? What feeling do you want? Oral, anal, or vaginal?


masturbator has the advantage of existing in many shapes. Some are designed from pornstar molds. These toys are more than just stimulations; they allow you to experience the same orgasmic pleasure you could feel with your favorite porn star. Whether you like stroking the same hole or rotations, your sessions will never be the same. With each type of masturbator, you will experience unique sensations.


So let your preferences guide you


How to use male masturbators correctly


Like any sex toy, the first thing to do is to read the instruction manual of your new acquisition to get up to speed quickly. When you open the box, you will notice a funny smell. Don’t panic !! This new-sex-toy smell will disappear with time. 


1. Always read the instructions. 


It doesn’t matter how horny you are; don’t throw away the owner’s manual. In it, there are instructions on how to operate and care for your new device. If you toss it out, you’ll end up confused, injured, or disappointed. That’s especially true if you choose one of the high-tech devices out there. 


2. Lubricate Your Masturbator


You are ready to use your toy. All you have to do is lubricate it. Make sure to use water-based lubricants. 


3. Clean it before and after each use. 


Did you know that your sex toys can be dirty even before you use them? That’s because airborne bacteria and environmental debris settles on the surface over time. The best way to combat that is to keep your device put up in storage at all times, but even then it’s not completely safe. 


So, I learned that you’ve got to rinse and/or wash your playthings prior to introducing them to your penis. Do not use soap; the material of your masturbator’s sheath is very sensitive and soap could damage it. Some users use alcohol to clean their sex toys, but it’s not recommended.


4. Drying


Once washed, dry your Masturbator in the open air. This is the last step. You will notice that your sheath is somewhat sticky. No worries, this is perfectly normal. To prevent it from sticking, just sprinkle a special powder on the Masturbator. If you don’t have one, you can use cornstarch. It works well too. Sprinkle abundantly until a thin white layer covers the sheath. The powder will allow your sheath to keep its softness. Then remove the excess powder by tapping the sheath in your hands. When finished, put the Masturbator into its sleeve and into its case. Close everything and store your Masturbator until it next use.


To give more life to your toy, here’s what you should avoid doing:


  • Washing your Fleshlight with soap because the pH of the soap will damage the toy
  • Lending your sex toy; you could get sick
  • Washing your masturbator with a silicone gel (the chemical reaction will deteriorate the internal texture of your toy)
  • Putting your masturbator in your dishwasher; is not made to be washed this way
  • Boiling your sex toy to clean it because it will lose its texture
  • Use isopropyl alcohol or a 10% bleach solution
  • Keep the flashlight away from a very hot spot/place because its paste also catches fire.


Here are some tips for using male masturbators


Lying on your back. Rub your penis on the hole of your masturbator before entering it. Strong feelings guaranteed.


Lying on your stomach with your masturbator wedged under a pillow. Go missionary style as if you were on top of your partner.