Why Are You Scared To Masturbate, Especially Women.

Why Are You Scared To Masturbate, Especially Women.

Masturbating allows you to explore your body in a safe and pleasurable way so you can learn what turns you on and then communicate those sexual desires to a partner. This is particularly important in heterosexual relationships because we know there's an "orgasm gap," meaning women orgasm, on average, less frequently than their male partners. Some experts think the stigma surrounding female masturbation might be to blame. A study found that women exposed to negative messages about Masturbation when they were young often had negative attitudes about masturbation as adults. Let's know more about Masturbation andWhy Are You Scared To Masturbate, Especially Women.

What Is Female Masturbation?

Female Masturbation is the self-stimulation of the genitals, including the vagina and clitoris. Generally, people masturbate until they orgasm or climax. Women can masturbate with their hands, with the help of sex toys like a vibrator, by rubbing their clitoris against an object and other techniques. As long as the act involves self-stimulation, it is a form of Masturbation. The length of time it takes to climax varies from person to person. One study found that it took an average of eight minutes for females to climax through Masturbation, which was considerably less than it took for them to climax through sex with a partner.

How Often Do Women Masturbate On Average?

The frequency of masturbation in unmarried women is once every two to three weeks, and in married women, it is once a month. There is individual variation in any type of sexual activity. There are some women who regularly masturbate to the point of orgasm several times in immediate succession, as often as 10 to 20 and even more times within a single hour.

Many ladies often fear that masturbation would do them physical harm and believe it is morally wrong and biologically abnormal. The scientific truth is that masturbation does not harm in any way. Women prefer more types of methods of masturbation than men do.

There are several myths regarding masturbation that's why people, especially women, are scared to masturbate. Some common myths are  given below:

Masturbating Kills Your Sex Drive

Discovering a partner’s private pleasure practices can be a huge trigger for jealousy, all thanks to the belief that orgasm alone hinders your orgasms together. Some partners even mistake masturbation for a form of disloyalty and think all interest in sex will go down the drain.

This myth is so far from the fact that the contrary is actually correct. Masturbation not only doesn’t kill your desire, but it also boosts it into high gear and improves your possibilities of having great sex. The more your body experiences orgasm, the more it will crave climax in every form.

Studies have shown that orgasms of the solo variety lead to even more sex with a partner and are in no way correlated to feelings of dissatisfaction or lack of arousal in the bedroom.

Masturbation Is Dirty, Wrong, Or Immoral

Your opinions on personal happiness and fulfillment are ultimately up to you, and masturbation isn’t a life-or-death requirement. However, don’t allow misinformation and outside negativity to keep you from the coupled or solo sex life you really want. Like any other normal bodily function, there is no moral or spiritual law governing what your body should do to keep you alive and thriving. The human body is made to perform functions that keep you healthy, like urinating, defecating, or releasing menstrual blood.

Unfortunately, many of your natural processes have been considered gross or dirty by society, particularly for women. It’s essential to remember that these labels have no bearing on what is or isn’t positive for your mental and physical health. Masturbation is good for you, and don’t allow anyone to tell you differently!

Health Benefits Of Female Masturbation

Why Are You Scared To Masturbate, Especially Womenwhile there are many health benefits of female masturbation.

Low-Stress Levels

Stress can make you anxious and impact your sleep cycles; decreasing it and stopping it from worsening any further is important. When you are all aware that an apple a day can keep the doctor away, it is time to learn a new saying which goes like this: An orgasm a day keeps the stress away. As you orgasm, a hormone called oxytocin is released into the bloodstream, usually known as the love hormone. These hormones make you feel lighter and happier, leading to improved health and well-being and reduced stress.

Healthy Heart

Some researchers have proven that self-pleasure and masturbation can make your heart work out a little by improving your breathing and heart rate. This increased heart rate makes your heart work out a little; therefore, over a certain period, masturbation is said to contribute a bit to an individual's improved cardiovascular functioning. The power and endurance of cardiovascular health count on how vigorously a lady masturbates, and if she can sustain her heart rate and get that sweat out while masturbating, it can be great for her cardiovascular health.

Eases Cramps

Females around the globe are living proof of how unbearably painful and uncomfortable menstrual cramps are. Well, you would be surprised to know that masturbation will not only give you the feeling of pleasure but can also help ease menstrual cramps. The endorphin hormone release in the bloodstream increases menstrual pain, reduces stress, and decreases the discomfort caused by cramps.

When Is Masturbation Not Safe For Women?

Masturbation is generally safe. However, if it is done excessively and aggressively, then it can be harmful.

●     When you touch the genitals of an infected individual and then touch yours, you may suffer from Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). STIs can also occur if you share sex toys with an infected person.

●     If you rub yourself aggressively, you may end up injuring your vagina.


How are women taught to fear masturbation?

From a young age, girls are taught that "touching yourself" is gross and dirty. "Good" girls don't masturbate. Young girls are never quite given a straight answer as to why, especially since it's shameful to even talk about it. This also keeps them from seeing how ridiculous the real reason seems in today's modern culture. In a dominantly heterosexual society, only men should provide women with pleasure – if they want to. Women can fear being judged and blamed for being the problem if their male partner isn't fully meeting their sexual needs.

Is it healthy for a woman to masturbate daily?

Masturbating daily can be normal for some females, depending on their age and sexual drive, whereas it can be excessive for others. As long as masturbating does not affect your overall energy levels and does not encroach into your daily life and activities, you should be fine. Masturbating daily can lead to weakness, fatigue, and early ejaculation and may inhibit sexual activities with your partner. Excessive Masturbation can also inhibit sexual intimacy with your partner.