Unboxing Review | Meet Your Naughty Second lover

Unboxing Review | Meet Your Naughty Second lover

Welcome to the Sex Master corner.

Our Unboxing Review is a cool new venture by Acmejoy. Each month, we have our members try out new products for free, snagging the most raw feedback and the raddest fun ways to use from our users' real-life experiences.

The main category for this round's review is: Realistic Butts. We roped in two members (using nicknames here): Haiden, a seasoned masturbation hobbyist, and Jay, a fan of SM and thrill-seeking outdoor sex.

We shipped out two different realistic bust models to them. Let's dive into their feedback!

First look out of the box

After Haiden received the product, he was attracted by the big boobs of the product at first sight. “The size of them definitely grabbed my attention more than anything else. I spent a lot of time looking at them, touching them, and seeing how they jiggled and moved before I even so much as looked at the vaginal and anal”

——Shot from Hayde who can't get enough of this inverted boob 

When Jay received the product, he gave real feedback on the state of the product out of the box "The box arrived with a good weight which added to the anticipation whilst waiting for the postman to finish registering the package. Packaging was discreet . Travel had squashed the spine slightly but on straightening it out there was immediate satisfaction with the feel of the item. The structure keeps the waist firm enough to grab and soft enough to squeeze, though adjusting the pose was initially awkward i was quickly familiar with how much stress The toy could take, it does not feel at risk of breaking whilst being posed.”

——Jayee's shooting

Generally speaking, the realism of the bust cast will make people look forward to it from the moment of waiting. And out of the box, the realistic construction is visually insane. The implantation of the skeleton ensures the stability of the large toy, allowing men to insert it at will.

Experience feeling

Haiden described the experience: “The torso of this doll very much helps when using it, especially in the position that I found the most comfortable. Using it in missionary was very tricky, and I feel that the only way to do that would be using a waist-high desk or a table. ....Cowgirl was not a problem for me, since it meant I could easily control the motion of the product for my own pleasure, and I was also able to enjoy the big boobs that were bouncing and jiggling almost like real breasts.”

——The real picture from Hayde, you can also see the chest from the bottom up

Jay said frankly, "I started in missionary to get familiar with with the feel and resistance of the toy, i quickly moved to spread her legs and get a deeper feeling. I didn't need to hold it in position, i could hands free fuck this toy easily lost in its feeling. I flipped it into doggy and was happy to see that you can angle the pose to suit you, better than that the feel and weight of it, the recoil after each thrust is delicious and is just made better if you grab its waist to go harder.”

Both players gave us the best poses for bust casting: Missionary and Puppy. Because of the anthropomorphic size of the half-length inverted model, the experience has a "real sense of interaction". Whether it's the bedroom, the seat or the bathroom, she's willing to try different places to have sex with you, and she will obey you and put on any pose to cater to you. —— as if it is your second lover.

——Jayee's shooting

Play suggestion

Combined with the previous experience of the two toys, they both gave the following suggestions for this experience:

1. The half-length inverted model can be used for clothing matching, and you can dress her up in your favorite style; if you are an SM lover, you can also try suspending the toy with restraints

2. If you don't want to buy the built-in vibration function, you can DIY one yourself. For example would be hiding a vibrator in the other orifice

3. Apply enough lubricating fluid. Especially if the penis is very large, the lube will make you much better during penetration

4. Because the material of TPE will make the product sticky. Therefore, after cleaning, wipe it clean with a towel, and sprinkle a little talcum powder, which is more conducive to prolonging the quality of the inverted mold.

5. Since it is much larger than a masturbation cup or a butt mold. Don't throw away the boxes when you're done using them, put them back in a closet or basement.

Finally, I am very grateful to them for their real feedback, which gave us so many real feelings. And BV/AC will continue to carry out such activities, I hope that you who read the article can also actively participate and give us valuable experience evaluation


Enjoy your second love now