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Important note when you buy dildos

You can get dildos in a wide range of materials and they all have their own pros and cons but there are a few materials that you should stay away from.

Below is a small list of different materials that are safe to use and will last you a long time.

1. Platinum cured silicone – This is the highest grade of silicone and it’s extremely tough and can withstand high temperature and a lot of beating. This makes it easy to clean and the longevity of sex toys made with platinum cured silicone will last you a long time!

2. Glass – Glass is not as flexible as silicone but it does look so nice and the texture is ultra-smooth. The glass used in sex toys are heavy duty glass that can be drops without shattering.

3.Stainless-steel – Stainless-steel is great for temperature play and it’s very durable. It does have a few downsides including the stiffness and the lack of coloring.

There are other great materials but these are just 3 of the most common ones.

Final thoughts on rainbow dildos

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