4 Sex Toys That Help to Spicy Up Your Intimacy


The world is a higgledy-piggledy place, containing things troublesome in a haphazard sequence that get you down. The only effective solution would definitely be one thoroughly enjoying sex with your significance. But your bond gradually becomes predictable and a little routine lately? No worry, we’ve got several choices for adding pleasures.


1. 10-Pattern Tongue-Licking Vibrating Penis Ring


10-Pattern Tongue-Licking Vibrating Penis Ring
Shared pleasure, which is the ultimate theme of this sex-helper cock ring. With multiple functions in one, it can not only be used as a male enhancer but serve for the pleasure-inspiring of women. Two rings can act on the back of the balls and the root of the shaft of the penis, respectively. In this way, stable wear is guaranteed, and the restriction on the return of penile blood has doubled, helping your man meat become more sensitive. More than that, the dense ticklers can tease the partner's labia area (including the clitoris) as you thrust. The stronger the thrust, the more intense the clitoris crushing pleasure.


2. Wearable ribbed anal vibrator


Wearable ribbed anal vibrator

Price: $32.56

A backdoor vibrator that can support everyday wear! Snugly wear it and hand the control to your partner, your secret play had just begun. The small base stretches comfortably on your backdoor, while the relatively large body is submerged inside. Being well hidden under the cloth, it put an end to any possible prying eyes. No matter what situation you are in, having a morning jogging, doing housework, watching a movie...you are all given the opportunity to experience undetected physical pleasure and psychological stimulation!


3. Give bondage (with approval)


Give bondage (with approval)

Price: $10.25

Turn your love into your submissive slave! This 3-piece bondage kit contains everything you need to fully realize all the depraved plans you have been brewing for a long time. A blindfold will effectively take away of your mate's ability of vision, there is no easier way to deprive your partner of control than by this, so they have no idea what's coming next, nervously guessing what toys you are gonna employ and where. The handcuff allows you and your partner to explore the fun of cosplay at home: police and criminals, fresh fun! Also, a lace paddle with a feather end is an important partner for flirting. Gently tickling the private parts or spanking heavily, whichever brings unlimited fun. Take control of your lover and release your inner beast!


4. Realistic Vibrating Penis Enhancement Sleeve



Realistic Vibrating Penis Enhancement Sleeve

Price: $25.00

Undoubtedly, this penis enhancement sleeve will help to get your mate's greedy hole fully filled up. It has a deeper texture than a real penis, bulging veins, ribs, folds, as well as a circle of bumps around the glans, and the 2-inch extra extension, the delicate plaything will leave a deep impression on both you and your partner. Its biggest highlight is the detachable vibrating egg and tongue-shaped antennae at the bottom. The strong vibration drives the tentacles to tap the clitoris. Pleasure building and building until you both come with a moan. Incredibly shared stimulation! Just get ready for the thrilling couple's sex life!