Anal Douche, make your sex life more clean and hygienic

Anal Douche, make your sex life more clean and hygienic


One of the most embarrassing situations in my life so far happened in the bedroom while I was having sex with my partner at the time. I don’t want to get into the dirty details, but as someone with plenty of experience in anal play, I can tell you right away that bad hygiene and anal play should never be mixed together. There is nothing more horrifying than smelling, or even worse, seeing something brown pop up during an intimate moment. It creates discomfort for everyone involved and it’s easily avoidable, with the help of an anal douche.


In my opinion, anal douches should be a part of every shower, especially if you have a partner. Even if you don’t do any kind of anal play, if you are in the bedroom with a dirty anus, then trust me, your partner will notice (although they will never tell it to your face).


Who should get one


I will not pretend like anal douches are for absolutely everyone.  In most cases, the human body does a fine job of purging the body on its own, and the anus is no different in this regard. A simple rinse in the shower with some soap and water usually does the trick, but not always. The few cases where my anus stayed dirty even after a pre-sex shower were enough to make me paranoid, so I started looking for alternatives. I quickly found anal douches and decided that they would help me avoid any similar awkward situations in the future.


Anal douches are for YOU, if:


1. You (or your partner) are active in anal play in the bedroom. While you may both be hygienic people in general, an anal douche will go a long way in helping you avoid any embarrassing situations in the future. You don’t need to use an anal douche daily, just before any kind of anal sex.

2. You can have problems with digestion, or you have a high-fat, low-fiber diet. If you have diarrhea, it will be almost impossible to achieve a 100% clean anus. There will always be lingering smell somewhere down there, and even if you don’t notice, your partner most certainly will.

3. You have experienced embarrassing situations with poop in the bedroom in the past, and you are looking for ways to avoid this situation. Get an anal douche!

4. You have some lingering smell on your anal toys, which you can’t get rid of. This can be completely avoided if you use an anal douche regularly. Anal toys often reach the very back of your anus, and a simple rinse with water in the shower is just not able to reach so far back. However, the best anal douches on this list most certainly will.

5. You live together with someone, and you want to avoid any lingering smell reaching them while sleeping or just being at home


Besides these reasons, you might just want to get an anal douche for general hygiene. Anyone can benefit from the best anal douches on this list, so just go ahead and order one. There is nothing to lose and noone I have talked to has said that they regret buying an anal douche. I don’t think you will, either. Better hygiene means better sex!




A quick word on anal douche types


There are three main types of anal douches on the market right now:


Bulb douches: These are the most basic and easy to use anal douches. They work by filling a bulb with warm water, connecting a tube to the water and then inserting the douche into your anus. Once you pinch the bulb, it will release water and your anus will be rinsed. They are simple, cheap and effective. However, if you want to clean your anus completely, without leaving any possible dirt even in the far back, then a bulb douche might not be thorough enough for you. They work the best for quick and shallow washes.


Shower douches: These tend to be a little more complicated than the simple and straightforward bulb douches. However, with greater work comes a greater wash! Shower douches are designed to reach every small bit of dirt inside you, giving you a squeaky clean smell after a shower, both inside and outside. They work by connecting the anal douche to your shower. This allows you to control the flow of water in the same way how you would control the flow during a regular shower. However, this can be both negative and positive. Do you have unpredictable water pressure or temperature in your shower? If yes, then you are definitely better off with the other two types of anal douches.


Water bag douches: These are rather straightforward and easy to use. They work by filling a bag with warm water, connecting a tube to the bag, putting the bag somewhere high to create pressure and then rinsing your anus with the nozzle at the end of the anal douche. They are very simple to use and effective, just like bulb douches. While they may not give you a 100% thorough rinse like shower douches do, I don’t think it’s a problem at all. They are more than effective enough at cleaning your anus for sex with your partner.


For me personally, bulb types are the best anal douches, with water bag douches being a close second. They may not offer such deep cleaning as the shower douche, but even for anal play with massive dildos and prostate massagers, I found that there was virtually no difference in cleanliness. I have never had any smell linger after cleaning myself with any of these best anal douches, so you should just choose something which you think will be the most comfortable to use for you.


How to pick the best anal douche


The large choice of anal douches on the market can be intimidating at first, but if you know the main points of consideration beforehand, the right decision can be made very quickly and you will have the best anal douche with you in no time at all.


Here are some questions which you might want to ask yourself before buying an anal douche:


1. Which type of anal douche is the best suit for you? Bulb douches, water bag douches or shower douches? As I previously mentioned, I personally prefer bulb and water bag douches, but if you are someone who often uses very lengthy dildos and you are afraid a simple anal douche will not do the trick, then a shower douche will be the most foolproof bet for you.

2. How often do I plan to use my anal douche? If you are planning to use your anal douche daily, then a shower douche could be your best choice. They are very durable, as they are essentially an addition to your regular shower. The bags of water bag douches can get dirty with frequent use, and filling a bulb douche before every shower can get time-consuming. Therefore, for daily use, I recommend a shower douche as the best option for you. For infrequent use, I would recommend bulb douches and water bag douches.

3. Where do I plan to use my anal douche? If you frequently travel from place to place, then an anal douche which can be folded and fit inside your bag will be very helpful for you. Water bag douches are excellent for travelers, as they can be folded over into a suitcase, and later they can be taken out and used wherever there is warm water.