Can make women squirting water clitoral stimulator


Recently, a very popular clitoral stimulator has been discussed on Twitter and Instagram. Many people also ask how clitoral stimulators are and how easy they are to use. In fact, compared to general sex toys, the shape of this clitoral stimulator can be said to be very special. If you haven't read relevant reports, it is difficult to associate them with sex toys. It is somewhat like an ear thermometer.


Its operation is very simple, just a switch and up and down buttons to adjust the vibration intensity. But, here I must be honest to say that I have not yet tuned to the strongest. As for why let me slowly describe the situation that day, and you will know how overbearing it is.


This little monster has a total of 7 sucking frequencies and 5 speeds to choose from, which means you can have 35 combinations! In the beginning, I turned on the switch and placed the silicone nozzle on the fleshy parts of my arms and thighs, wondering if it would actually suck. Fortunately, it was the vibration, so I was relieved, at least not really sucking up the clitoris. After reading the manual carefully, I understood the design principle. The clitoral stimulator uses the air pressure difference to stimulate the sensitive clitoris. It brings pleasure and does not cause harm to the body.


So I found a very comfortable position, put it on the vulva, and turned on the switch. The first gear will only feel a little tingling; in the second gear, slightly adjust the downward direction to test which part will be more sensitive; in the third gear, if you encounter a very sensitive place, your two legs will immediately unconsciously pinch It's tight, and I only feel comfortable after adjusting it a bit. Then just put it there temporarily, because it won't slip off when lying down, it is placed in the genitals naturally.


After playing with the phone, about two minutes later, I thought about changing to fourth gear. I adjusted to the fourth gear and adjusted my posture by the way. I suddenly snapped the film, and then a stream of heat slipped from between my legs, and it was obvious that there was liquid flowing through my buttocks.


I squirting water.


This ugly guy makes me afraid to adjust to the strongest mode at all. I almost don’t need any erotic aids. Just turn it on and touch my genitals. It's better than every oral sex I've had before...


Moreover, there is almost no lubricating fluid to help out, and the silicone nozzle with a little hardness to the touch will not feel any uncomfortable when it is pressed against the genitals. It may be because it is too domineering, as long as it touches the body, it will completely take away the control, making people unable to extricate themselves.


This clitoral stimulator is not only suitable for single girls, but I think it is also quite suitable for use as a prop for sexual development. If you are hard to get interested in sex, or your girlfriend is shy, I think it is easy Let girls like the pleasure of having sex.