How a small penis pleases a girl

How a small penis pleases a girl


Nature has not endowed with Large penis? Of course, when you undress in front of a girl, you will not hear enthusiastic exclamations. But don't get too hung up on this. After all, in the end, the size of the penis affects only the pleasure that you can give a girl and no matter what else. And the size can be more than compensated for with some tricks so that the girl will forget about everything in the world from pleasure.


Penis caps


Penis caps are a good option if you don't feel like bothering too much. Moreover, even advanced men with great "advantages" like to use them.


In general, the classics of the genre are cock rings with vibration. The beauty of these things is that on the one hand, your penis gets a little thicker by reducing the return blood flow, that is, it fills more with blood. On the other hand, the Vibro-bullet intensively massages the clitoris during frictions.


So you can even customize your penis - supply with bumps, pimples, antennae, etc. make it longer or wider if necessary. The main thing is not to forget about the lubricant for comfortable sliding.


Separately, it makes sense to say about the strap-on attachments. First, they can make your cock really gigantic. There are also options with vibration, which will give the girl a separate pleasure. If a girl loves anal stimulation, you can pay attention to strap-ons for double penetration. Simply put, you attach another member and enter two holes at once.




First of all, this is, of course, a massage. Girls love him madly. Also, they love to feel that their bodies are admired, that they are wanted. And the keyword is to feel. No words are needed, admiration and desire should flow from you with fluids, not only your hands, but your very gaze should gently and slowly caress the girl's body. The admiration must come from your hands. A girl should feel that she is a jewel and the most intimate object of desires. And in order to really be so, fill with these feelings and emotions. A girl for you should be like a glass of very expensive wine, which you drink, savouring, unhurriedly and with pleasure. Remember, finally, Stanislavsky's acting school, so that it is outside - feelings and emotions must be inside.


To make your massage more enjoyable, do not forget to use massage oil. If desired, it can be diversified with different options for hot massage. You can experiment with the effects of aphrodisiac essential oils (stimulants of sexual arousal), which you can add to massage oil, ylang-ylang, myrrh, neroli, etc.


To do this, take an odourless oil, you can use for children, and add 2-3 drops of the desired aphrodisiac to it. You will find many recipes on the net.


Role-playing games


According to statistics, girls are much more likely than men to be inclined to various sex experiments and, in particular, to role-playing games. You've probably heard that some girls dream of being raped. Yes, that's true, but of course, their fantasies have nothing to do with actual rape. In their fantasies, the rapist is not a sweaty, dirty man from the backyard, but a charismatic handsome man like Clooney.


Of course, it is better to agree on the game in advance, the surprise may not be very appropriate) Many (but not all) girls like being tied up when they are fixed to the bed.


The first time for these purposes it is best to use bondage without metal elements since the rigidity of the metal is not pleasant to all delicate female hands and generally cause inappropriate pain. Will it be a complete fixation to the bed, only handcuffs or something else depends on the players. Suggest, and if she likes, you will find overexcited sex fury!


But there is one problem. Although the girls fantasize, in most cases they are afraid to confess and tell the other half about their fantasies, for fear of being considered a pervert. This is where the main weapon of a man lies - to build such a relationship so that a girl can entrust him with anything.


At the same time, the rape game is far from the only possible one.


The greatest pleasure for a girl


Have you heard anything about the G-spot? Yes, it’s about her. Every girl has it, it's just that most have it asleep, and they have no idea how to use it.


Women and girls who have known the charms of the G orgasm describe it as, on the one hand, wonderful euphoria, complete relaxation and satisfaction. But it is also a very strong sensation, much stronger than a normal orgasm. Also, the G-spot orgasm is characterized by its cyclical nature. That is if a girl usually suffices one or two times, then after stronger sensations of the G-spot orgasm, she wants more and more. And most importantly, the G-spot orgasm is achieved not with the penis, but with a finger massage.


It is easy to find it, it is located on the front wall of the vagina, on average, at a distance of 4-5 centimetres from the entrance. That is, if you put your palm on the pubis and place the middle and ring fingers inward to the second joint, then you will just feel it with the pads of your fingers. To the touch, it is as if a small tubercle, slightly rough in comparison with the rest of the bosom.


But everything is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. If you are interested in this topic, you can read the article " How to achieve an orgasm from the G-spot ." Also, a little later there will be an article specifically for men on how to prepare a girl for such an orgasm.


The female orgasm (in general, like the male) is an inexhaustible topic. You can improve in it endlessly. So the above is only a small part of what is actually available to you. Experiment, fantasize, learn!