How do I choose my first male masturbator?


If you have never used a male masturbator before, you may be a little worried. This is understandable, so we hope to address these concerns before proceeding.


In sex life, they are unilaterally considered to be used to replace the role of women. That's just nonsense. Male masturbators can never replace women. They cannot interact with you, touch etc.


There is another problem. Male masturbators are considered to be used only to satisfy people who cannot find a partner in bed. Male masturbators are only used for sad, perverted lives. Again, this is far from the truth. In fact, both single men and married men use male masturbators. So never be sad and perverted in all forms of self-pleasure! Remember this.


Okay, We have finished talking about the things to worry about. We know you can’t wait to know how to choose your first male masturbator. So let's continue.


How do I choose my first male masturbator?


It is a challenge for beginners to choose the right masturbator from the many masturbators. On the other hand, if you have insufficient knowledge of masturbators, you will not find a suitable masturbator. So here it is. I will explain to you and help you find the one that suits you.


First of all, there are usually two types of masturbators on the market: penetrating masturbators and non-penetrating masturbators. The penetrating masturbator has a penetrating hole from the top to the bottom, which means that both ends are open. The non-penetrating masturbator has a closed hole. It will not penetrate, it has only one open end. In a reusable masturbator. I think the type of non-penetrating masturbator is good.


After deciding on your type of masturbator, there are still many ideas worthy of your consideration when choosing the first and most suitable masturbator.




The internal structure of the masturbator is the main key to stimulate the penis. If you rarely have sexual intercourse, then simple and plain sleeve masturbation can be very helpful for you. The extra thick sleeves are not good for you. You can easily find a simple sleeve masturbator on AcmeJoy.


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Rough ridges, bumps, tangled skin, etc. embedded in the sleeves can promote strong sexual desire. If you want wild and hard excitement and pleasure, then it may be for you. Such sleeves have both penetrating and non-penetrating masturbation devices. You can also easily find it on AcmeJoy.


Understand the material and it's fun.


Different materials give people different pleasures. Most companies say on the packaging that the product is made of this material. When considering materials, keep allergy issues in mind. Users will have allergies when facing certain materials.


Soft stimulation material


Soft materials, such as rubber, electronic skin, etc. The soft material is easy to use and gives a pleasant sensation to the skin. Using soft materials, you can taste the real feeling like real female genitals.


Hard material for stimulation


Hard materials, such as silicone, PVC, etc. Yes, this is not a hard material, but compared to soft materials, it has hard fun.


Know the size of the penis and vagina


Yes, this masturbation is very important. Choose a suitable size to prevent the masturbation device from falling off or penetrating during masturbation. The holes of the masturbator come in different sizes. Use some measuring device or ruler to measure the size of the penis.


How to measure the size of the penis?


To find the size of the penis, use a soft tape measure or string. Gently wrap a tape measure or string around the penis. Make sure to measure the thickest part of the penis. It is best to measure in a fully erect penis. Mark the circumference on the intersecting line and tape measure.


Do male masturbators feel better than real vaginas?


Yes, I think masturbators are more comfortable than real vaginas. The masturbation industry is changing with each passing day to ensure the happiness of men and win their hearts. According to the male's response, various types of simulated vaginas were used in the masturbation device. Compared with women, the ridge, bumps and tightening force of the masturbator are stronger, which is unmatched by real vaginal games. But I can change the artificial vagina as needed. The artificial vagina makes me feel good, no matter when and how long I want. With the increase in functions, the artificial vagina now also has a realistic feeling and a realistic vagina shape.