How To Have Prostate Orgasm

How To Have Prostate Orgasm

Ask a person with a penis about their big O, and usually, they'll tell you about the kind they get from massaging their member. Indeed, ejaculatory penile orgasms are one kind of orgasm individuals with this anatomy can have, but they aren't the only kind. There are also prostate orgasms, which are orgasms induced by stimulating the nerve-dense gland through internal or external pressure. Let's know more about prostate orgasm and how to have a prostate orgasm in the upcoming paragraphs:

What Is A Prostate Orgasm?

The prostate gland is a small spot surrounding a part of the urethra. It is a muscular gland near the rectum; you can feel it through the rectal wall. As a gland, it contributes to the volume of semen with a liquid called prostatic fluid. When you reach an orgasm activated by this spot, it is called a prostate orgasm. It makes anal sex enjoyable, and if you know how to start this area, it will multiply your sexual pleasure.

How To Find The Prostate

If you want to knowHow to Have Prostate Orgasm?You firstly need to know where it is located. It is located below the bladder near the rectum. Anal penetration is generally needed to produce a powerful prostate-induced orgasm. You can stimulate the prostate externally by massaging the spot between the scrotum and anus—the perineum or taint. You can insert an anal toy or your finger into the anus about two to four inches deep to find the prostate. Turn your prostate toy or finger toward the stomach button, and you should sense the prostate through the rectum's front wall.

How To Have Prostate Orgasm


The initial phase of any message that pertains to the prostate is paramount if one wants an orgasm. Some men love to follow specific rituals or guidelines in preparation for a given session. Having a wrong perspective is a recipe for no orgasm at all.

Getting Aroused

Almost every man who has ever encountered a prostate orgasm can agree that arousal is the first step to getting an orgasm. Once you are in the mood, blood will flow into this area, and your prostate will swell up. It makes it simple for you to find the prostate, and you also get to experience pleasure.


These are the to-go tools for most men who want to stimulate their prostates. The prostate gland is about 2-4 inches inside the anus. For a majority of men, they need to insert at least two joints of their fingers in order to reach this. For others, this can be further up, and they may need to use the whole finger.

Prostate Massagers

Other methods are inclusive use of prostate massagers. Butt plugs, though designed with a curve or even an angle, help you hit the orgasm you wish for. With a plug, you get full control of movements and the pressure you exert on your prostate, which eases everything for you.


Lube is the final part of prepping. The anus does not have any form of lubrication. It is essential to ensure that you get a high-quality lubricant. If this can last long, then you are all set. It is still okay to reapply, although it can be a mood killer in case you are almost getting to orgasm and have to stop in order to reapply the lube.

Types Of Prostate Toys

Vibrating Prostate Massager

These toys are slightly curved, with a larger head than the base. The curve hits the spot against the front wall of the anus, where you can feel the prostate with your fingers. When you find the sensation that feels best, you can relax and enjoy the feeling of your prostate orgasm.

Strap-On Dildos

If you have a vulva and your partner has a penis, it can be a terrific way to reverse roles and try being the penetrating partner. Some harnesses provide clitoral stimulation for the vulva owner while thrusting, while others have pockets to slip into a vibrator.

Size of Prostate Massager

Prostate toys are available in different sizes and shapes. For strap-on dildos, you can always work your way up to larger ones, vibrating ones, or buy a kit with several different sizes. If you and your partner are using first-time strap-on prostate toys, begin with a small dildo and go slow.

Material of Prostate Massager

The best prostate massager for you depends on your requirements and wishes. For strap-on dildos, Leather ones look hot, but nylon or boxer-style harnesses might be more comfortable and give a greater range of motion. Silicone or stainless steel are body-safe materials.

How To Use A Prostate Toy

To use your toy, make sure you follow the same guidelines laid out in terms of lubrication, relaxation, and arousal. When you're ready, apply a generous amount of lube to the toy of your choice, and insert it very slowly, with the curve facing forward (towards the navel). You should be able to feel when the toy is in place — you may notice a little jolt of joy, sensitivity, or the feeling of the toy "fitting."

How To Clean Prostate Toys

The prostate toys are cleaned in the same ways as other sex toys. You need water, soap, and a toy cleaner to clean the toys. Or you can look for the instructions on cleaning when you buy the toy.

How To Choose Prostate Toy

Now as you get to knowHow to Have Prostate Orgasm?You can choose a toy according to your choice. When choosing a prostate toy, you must consider your comfort level, whether you'll use the toy solo or partnered, and how intense a sensation you want from the toy. Anal vibrator toys provide a more intense experience than their still counterparts. Anal sex toys come in a variety of sizes and shapes. These toys are made of body-safe materials such as stainless steel and silicone.


What Happens During a Prostate Orgasm?

The science behind prostate orgasms isn't as well-researched as penile orgasms, but sexual health does not receive as much attention as other biological functions. While this type of orgasm is more intense, many people experience more of an "oozing" instead of a "spurting" of seminal fluid when getting off. This happens due to repetitive pressure and stimulation (direct or indirect — which we'll get into in a moment) of the great nerve endings in the area. The best part of prostate orgasms is that even many people who experience erectile dysfunction can experience them.

Is it easy to have a prostate orgasm?

With so many instructions, it may seem pretty tricky to achieve a prostate orgasm. But you're only reading recommendations and steps to understand how it works. Once you locate your P-spot, everything will be a lot easier. You first need to knowHow to Have Prostate Orgasm?There are no serious studies about it to know exactly how to trigger this sensation for everyone. Thus, your experience in this area will differ from someone else's.