How to learn to squirt


Recently, my boyfriend showed me his favourite moment in a porn movie, and I realized that action made him very moved... The girl was over, the liquid started to pour out of her, but it was not urine. What is it called, is it possible to learn? 


Congratulations, you saw the water squirt!


Water squirt (or water squirt) is very rare. It is generally considered equivalent to male ejaculation (ie the release of semen).


People think that water squirt is just a combination of urination and orgasm, but this is not the case-many women squirt water without orgasm. During the squirting process, the urethra secretes not the urine, but the secret of the paraurethral glands.


If you are not satisfied, remember that men will excrete urine and sperm through the urethra-that is, there is nothing unnatural about what is ejected!


What makes a woman squirt?


Most women noticed the very vivid sensations associated with squirt. The energy is cleared, everything around becomes brighter, brighter, and happy emotions appear. Women who can squirt water say that it is much stronger than a normal orgasm.


  • In other words, the beauty of water squirt is that it will produce a feeling similar to an orgasm, and women may not have an orgasm!


Can you learn to squirt?


of course!


The water squirt is the result of strong stimulation of the G-spot (more precisely, the paraurethral gland that covers the urethra).


Try to squat with your fingers to stimulate this-it is about 4-5 cm above the entrance to the front wall of the vagina-this is where the rib surface starts. If you feel nothing, please press outside with your other hand and look for sensitive spots in the area. It may hurt at first, but then the pain should be awakened and prompted to urinate. Okay, then he might come squirt!


  • Many women have the ability to squirt water, but they are just suppressing themselves. This is understandable-water squirt manifests itself in the form of the desire to urinate, so "this" does not happen, they prevent further stimulation of the G spot.


With an understanding partner, it is enough to let go of constraints and start stimulating the G-spot. "Let go" to urinate freely, forget the wet sheets, and listen to the desire of new feelings!


In this way, you will develop the ability to squirt water.


How to prepare the person to be squirt?


What if you want to try it and your man hasn't thought of it yet?


Of course, he should be aware of this happening, as if accidentally watching a video with him, in which there are women squirt water-usually men are very excited!


  • Next, suggest that any woman is capable of doing this and what you want to try. I hope he will support your idea. good luck!