Male Masturbation Techniques: A Guide for Healthy Male Masturbation

Sex with yourself can get tiresome in the same way that missionary-only sex with a partner can become stale. Usually, masturbation is just a means to an end (and by "end," it means "orgasm"). But even if you already have go-to moves to get you off in mere minutes, sex with yourself can get a little stale, the same way that having sex in just one position for the rest of your life can get old. Experimenting with new male masturbation techniques and styles can provide more pleasure in individual and couples' sex.

What Is Masturbation?

When you masturbate, you touch your genitals – with your hands or a sex toy, for instance – to give yourself sexual satisfaction. Masturbating can lead to an orgasm – an extreme feeling of pleasure that spreads all over your body. Masturbation might be the first sexual experience you have. It can help you get to know your body and understand what you like (or don't like) when it comes to sex.

Types Of Masturbation

Masturbation can involve any type of erotic touching or stimulation. For instance, glans or nipple stimulation and anal penetration all count as types of masturbation.

Masturbation can be done on your own or with someone else. Masturbation will often involve orgasm (sexual climax), but this isn't always the case. Individuals use male masturbation devices for various reasons, including masturbating, improving oral sex and hand jobs, and increasing stamina. Masturbation is a direct way to alleviate sexual tension and enjoy pleasure, whether you want to buy a masturbator for solo use or try something new with a partner.

Male Masturbators Size

Male masturbators are available in many different sizes. The smaller masturbators are easier to wash and maintain, and more suitable for those who want to enjoy masturbation for a long time.The larger masturbators are thicker and more stimulating, so you can enjoy a more sex-like pleasure.

Male Masturbators Materials

You can find sex toys made from many different materials. Silicone is the top choice material you can choose; TPE is also high-quality material.

How To Choose The Perfect Male Masturbator?

You can pick between hundreds of models with different specifics, as follows:


If you want to use your sex toy in the shower or why not in the bath, remember to check that the model you want is waterproof.

Manual Or Automatic

It's a personal choice; everyone has their own preferences. The manual model gives you more flexibility in your preferences, and what you want at the exact moment you use it.

How To Clean Male Masturbrator

Most masturbators are easily cleaned with water. Disassemble the masturbator and rinse the different parts with soap and water. There is also a sex toy cleaner on the market that you can easily use to clean your male toy. Clean your sex toy well before and after each use to avoid infections and other inconveniences.

How To Use A Male Masturbator?

The inside of a masturbation toy has a textured channel that stimulates the penis, while the outside is often grooved to ensure a good grip during use. All male masturbators should be used with a lubricant, easy to slide over the penis without causing uncomfortable friction. Start by applying your toy around your glans to feel the sensation of insertion and make sure everything is smooth and lubricated. Then prepare to penetrate the masturbator. Start by grabbing the outside of the toy and gently slide it along the entire length of your genitalia. Try twisting the masturbator while moving it around, massaging your glans.

Male Masturbation Techniques

Masturbation in the right way could be good for you. So let's examine how to masturbate correctly.

Take Your Time

First of all, you should use masturbation to slow down: you're not running a race! Often, this is a matter of remembering that true sexual satisfaction is about more than just the end goal of having an orgasm – it's about learning to enjoy the whole process. Taking it slow in this way will help retrain your body to last longer when you're with a partner.

Set The Mood

It's important that you make an atmosphere that makes you feel comfortable and ready for a sensual and satisfying experience. Be sure to select a space that's comfortable and private, free from distractions and interruptions. If you like, you can dim the lights or even use some candles to reduce your stress levels and allow you to connect properly with your body.

Focus On Your Responses

While masturbating, pay attention to how your body is responding. For instance, try directing your attention to your breathing: is it fast or slow; shallow or deep? If you're able to, listen for your heartbeat as it quickens and slows. Also, notice areas of your body that are holding any tension or pleasure: where does it feel good? Becoming familiar with your body and its sexual responses will translate to improved sexual self-awareness and confidence.


Edging is a powerful strategy for improving your sexual control. This involves masturbating up until the point of orgasm – but then you stop before ejaculating and give yourself a break of two minutes before starting again. Repeat this process as many times as you're able to. You may find this challenging initially, which is ok, as it takes time and practice to build up the necessary stamina.

Use Your Imagination

How can your imagination bring about positive changes in your sex life? The answer lies in brain science's exciting new discovery of mirror neurons. If you can stimulate yourself mentally by imagining yourself having intimate, engaging, and satisfying sex, you are essentially training your brain for the real thing. Due to mirror neurons, using your imagination during masturbation may lead to better sexual performance and increased sexual satisfaction for you and your partner.


  • Increased knowledge about our bodies
  • Increased understanding of our individual preferences when it comes to sex
  • A way to build trust with a partner and a safe way to share what you both enjoy


  • It might affect your sexual life
  • Affects your psychological health
  • Disrupts daily activities


Does Masturbation Affect the Sperm Count?

No, male masturbation does not affect sperm count because men produce sperm continuously. It is normal that after a man has ejaculated, it takes some time for him to do it again. It is the normal physiology of the body and has nothing to do with masturbation.

Can Masturbation Be Harmful?

If done in moderation, it is considered to be natural and harmless for both men and women. It usually does not cause any injury if done correctly and can be done throughout a person's life. It helps a woman to determine what is erotically pleasing, and in men, it can help them learn techniques to last longer during sexual intercourse.