What Are Masturbation Sleeves And How To Use Them?

A masturbation sleeve is a solo toy. It's a sleeve because it's a textured tube open at both ends.

Though sometimes, it's closed at one end, making it look more like a cylindrical cup. These are sometimes called "pocket pussies” or just "masturbators."

Masturbation sleeves make solo time much more pleasurable because they replace the feel of your hand with the sensation of a vagina, ass, mouth, or a bevy of other tantalizing textures.

Type for Masturbation Sleeves

Before we get started, it helps to know the different styles of masturbation sleeves:

● Fleshlights: The Fleshlight is the most well-known pocket pussy. It looks like a flashlight, and the orifice can be shaped like a vagina, anus, or mouth.

● Onaholes: The Japanese version of the pocket pussy comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, some themed after anime characters and porn stars.

● Tenga Eggs: These toys are shaped like eggs instead of vaginas and are made of a stretchable sleeve that slips over the penis.

● Hands-free: sex toys do all the work for you. For example, the Launch holds your Fleshlight and simulates realistic sex motions.

Material for Masturbation Sleeves

Choosing between materials is very much a personal choice. Silicone material can be sterilized - which is enormous if you're sharing your penis stroker - but it also doesn't have the same stretchiness or plushness that you can find in alternative material choices. This means silicone needs to be the right fit for your anatomy, or else it won't provide the pleasure you want.

TPR/TPE materials tend to be more affordable - and more realistic-feeling on the penis, too. It offers more squish and can stretch much more quickly than silicone.

Size for Masturbation Sleeves

Along with the size of the masturbation sleeve itself, you need to consider the size of your penis. If you want to sink fully into a masturbation sleeve, ensure that it's at least as long as your penis - and if you want to experience the intense textures at the very end of the sleeve, ensure that the sleeve is sized accordingly. The point is not to stress about your penis length but rather about searching for the right fit for your body - there will be a penis sleeve that fits you perfectly, no matter your penis size.

How to Use a Masturbation Sleeves

Most masturbation sleeves should fit snugly but comfortably over your penis when erect. To work out the right size for you, measure the length, width, and circumference of your penis when you have an erection. Then, compare the measurements of your penis with the size of the masturbation sleeve. Be aware that many low-cost masturbation sleeves are only available in a single dimension and may not offer the right fit for your penis.

How To Clean A Male Masturbator?

Different sex toy materials require other cleaning methods, and we recommend reading the manufacturer's instructions. However, mild soap and warm water will remove the debris and kill germs, which is vital for your sexual health. You can also get a sex toy cleaner and use it in place of the soap.

Generally, non-porous materials like silicone are easier to clean, and you can even boil them for a few minutes to sterilize the masturbation sleeves. For porous materials like TPE, you might have to use a clean, damp cloth to clean them. Most importantly, ensure the sleeves are dried well before placing them back in the case.

How to Choose Masturbation Sleeves

Sleeves are unique sex toys that many men often overlook. These adult toys can add a new sensation to your solo play. Some even enjoy it with a partner. Additionally, this sex toy is easy to use. If you are a beginner, here are some steps to choose one.

Decide Which Style You Prefer

Choosing what style of sleeves is a matter of personal preference. It is vital to pick a style that you like. This is because visual elements can enhance sexual enjoyment.

Masturbation sleeves come in various designs. Some of these sex toys are designed to look like the vaginal entrance, anal entrance, hands, and even a set of soft lips.

Vibration Options

Some people prefer to use masturbation sleeves with a vibrating function for added sensation. These vibrations usually come from a vibrating bullet that is either built-in or removable. If you think adding vibrations will excite you, you may want to consider this feature when buying your sleeves.

Suction Choices

Masturbation sleeves have 2 standard suction options. These are open-ended and closed-ended sleeves. Open-ended sleeves are usually easy to clean. However, they need to provide more suction and pressure because it is open at one end.

Pros for Masturbation Sleeves

  • A versatile male stroker is ideal for couples.
  • A solid and well-built stroker. The flexible silicone rings wrap the penis warmly.
  • USB-Rechargeable and completely waterproof.
  • 12 vibrations speed to explore.
  • A handy finger loop simplifies handling.
  • These are excellent toys if you have erectile dysfunction.

Cons for Masturbation Sleeves

  • The vibrations could be a little stronger.
  • The charging time is insanely long.


What is a masturbation sleeve?

These toys have all been created specifically for anyone with a penis. Masturbators usually are made of a soft material that you can insert your penis into. Typically they emulate the feeling of oral sex, anal penetration or vaginal penetration.

Are male masturbators easy to clean and sanitize?

Make sure you clean your masturbation sleeve before and after each use. Even open-ended sleeves need to be cleaned too. If possible, take the sleeve out of the case (if there is a case). Thoroughly clean your sleeve and wipe down the issue. You can use warm water and soap or an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner -- whichever you prefer. Allow both to dry completely before reassembling.