Prostate milking guide: everyone should try prostate orgasm


Looking for an intense sexual experience beyond the normal male ejaculation? For most men, prostate milking sounds like some kinky stuff for porn stars or gay men. However, milking the prostate has many benefits to all men despite their sexual orientation. For starters, it increases intimacy between couples and can also be the source of power for some women. The milking involves sensually stimulating the prostate gland, without engaging in anal sex.


The prostate gland an erogenous part in a man’s body known to offer a wonderful sensation when stimulated. Unfortunately, not many know about this heavenly realm hidden deep in their assholes. However, this pleasurable sweet spot requires the right stimulation to give you mind-blowing orgasms. In fact, improper prostate stimulation may result in a very painful experience that may leave an impression that hinders you from feeling what I can describe as the best orgasm ever.


In this article, I’ll educate you on the dos and don’ts of prostate milking to help you avoid any awkward moments.


What is Prostate Milking?


By definition, prostate milking refers to the act of massaging or stimulating the prostate gland (the P-spot) with the aim of expressing the prostatic fluid. That involves anally inserting your finger or a toy to reach the prostate gland, which can be stimulated using various techniques.


Like most men who have tried prostate milking, I can tell you that the stimulation leads to some of the most powerful orgasms you’ll ever experience. It’s no wonder many couples like to incorporate it into lovemaking and foreplay. However, some men also enjoy milking their prostate during solo masturbation sessions.  


While some men prefer to stimulate their prostate using their fingers, numerous sex toy manufacturers are also producing commercial prostate massagers. These ergonomically designed devices are strategically built to work with the contours of your body, stimulating your P-spot without going through the hassle of putting your fingers in your butt. These toys include butt plugs, vibrators, and dildos.


Whether using your fingers or a massager, the stimulation process is pretty easy and safe, though injuries can occur if you don’t know what you are doing.  These injuries may include rectal fissures, septicemia, cellulitis, periprostatic hemorrhages, and hemorrhoids. Nevertheless, you can reduce the risk of damaging your rectal lining by using enough lubricant with your toys.


How To Have A Prostate Orgasm


As briefly mentioned, the prostate gland is hidden deep in your rectum. However, considering that every man’s body is unique, you’ll have to do some exploration in your anal cavity to know its exact location. With that in mind, beginners will want to use a sex toy that corresponds with their body height since it can be a little tricky to hit the prostate with your fingers.


While you can hit the prostate on your first attempt with the right toy, getting this lucky is a rare occurrence. For that, I have created a simple step-by-step prostate milking how to, aimed at helping you find your sweet spot and enjoy sheet grabbing orgasms:


1. Clear Your Anal Canal


As you’re going to attempt some pretty kinky stuff with your butt hole, it’s monumentally important that the area is free of obstruction (fecal matter). I would suggest you take a dump before beginning and also use a good anal douche to clear your bum before inserting your fingers or sex toy.


This critical step in prostate milking prevents a dirty mess and also reduces the risk of getting infections from the activity. Additionally, it helps you to avoid embarrassing moments for both you and your partner.


2. Hose Down


After clearing out your asshole, I would recommend a thorough shower with a hypo-allergic soap to avoid any sensitivity on your rectum. This step is crucial simply because it allows you to keep the area fresh, clean, odor-free and ready to go at any moment. After all, who wants to play with a butthole that’s not properly hosed down? Not me sir, and I’m sure your poor partner will probably stand with me on this one.


3. Be Neat And Proper


While you may use a prostate massager to hit your sweet spot easily, prostate milking requires you to use your fingers a little. However, it can result in excruciating pain if you have dirty hands or long fingernails. It’s also hard to enjoy the stimulation when your anal cavity is all bleeding from scratches. For that, you need to clip those nails and wash your hands before you start exploring your butt hole.


4. Get In Position


Although you will eventually locate your prostate regardless of your position, it’s always easy to lie down on your back. You can also pull your feet up and bend the knees down a little to open up your butt and expose this pleasurable part. Moreover, I discovered that using a pillow under your back is a wonderful way to put your p-spot on display without a hassle. Nevertheless, you can use any other exploration technique that works best for you, since every man’s body is shaped differently.


5. Get A Lubricant


For most beginners, simply sticking your finger (or sex toy) into your butt may seem like the most obvious step to take next, but it’s not. A dry finger is dangerous for your rectum as it can cause chaffing or severe pain due to the friction. I would highly suggest using a good water-based lubricant to cut down the friction and allow the toy to slide in your butt easily with pleasure. You should also use a generous amount of lube on your fingers after you get into position to avoid any discomfort during the insertion.


6. Open The Gates Of Glory


After getting in position, slide your finger into your rectum using your dominant hand to ensure you have total control of the stimulation. On average, you will have to go in a few knuckles deep, usually about 1-2 inches inside your asshole. It may be easier to try this with a partner, but it’s not compulsory if you enjoy solo play. Nevertheless, you will eventually locate that little prostate, as long as your fingers are moving around in your rectum.


7. Explore Your Hidden Garden


If you are wondering how to achieve a prostate orgasm, this is where you need to pay close attention. Curl your fingers slightly and gently press towards your belly button, as that’s the most likely place to find your p-spot. However, remember that every man is unique, so you need to explore the entire area until you locate that sweet spot.


Once you locate you locate P-spot, gently massage that area with your finger or a sex toy until the prostate cum shoots out of your penis. You may want to incorporate an external prostate massage with prostate milking to make it easier to get to the climax. However, injuries may occur if the stimulation is too vigorous.  


Milking Your Prostate With A Sex Toy


While using your fingers or your partner’s finger will most likely do the trick, nothing compares to using a P-spot sex toy. Thankfully, modern sex toy manufacturers have put in a lot of energy and resources into creating products suited for this task. Even better, most of these toys are generally affordable and ergonomically designed to work with your body contours.


The best prostate massagers are made of skin-safe materials that reduce irritation and pain. Most of them feature a range of awesome features like Bluetooth compatibility, vibration functions and other amazing pleasure settings that are much better than a curled finger. Additionally, these high-tech male sex toys come in various shapes and sizes, allowing you to customize your experience to what suits your needs.


No matter the toy you choose for milking your prostate, it’s imperative to apply a generous amount of lube on your ass or deal with intense pain. For most people, water-based lubricants are the best as they are relatively hypoallergenic and works well with most sex toys. However, formulated anal lubricants are also ideal for obvious reasons.


Here are a few pointers to milk your prostate the right way using a sex toy:


  • For a beginner, start with something small and work your way to big sizes as you gain experience.
  • Bigger toys may provide a more satisfying insertion to advanced users, but they tend to be more cumbersome. That’s because they not only activate your prostate but also stimulates the sensitive nerve ending on your anal wall.
  • If you are milking the prostate while stroking your penis, it’s likely that you will receive multiple orgasms from different sources, each lasting longer than the previous one.


How Does A Prostate Orgasm Feel?


Now that we have seen prostate milking is highly beneficial to your sexual and health-life, there should be no shame in getting into the game at this point. That means you should let go of your fears and allow your body to ride the waves of pleasure without any inhibitions.


Luckily, a well-performed prostate milking session feels more like a whole body orgasm and less like an awkward body examination. For me, the orgasms were centered on the prostate but gently radiated through my body like a raging wildfire. Honestly, it provided me with the most intense long-lasting orgasms that I have ever experienced in my life.


During the stimulation, I still achieved rock-hard erections, but the male prostate orgasm didn’t always make me ejaculate through my cock. It’s completely an internal experience, though my penis shot out prostate cum across the room several times. Nevertheless, the sensation derived from properly milking your prostate is the same whether you get a hard dick or not.


For a better experience, you may try prostate milking during masturbation, sex or foreplay if possible. That not only enhances your orgasm but also transforms your sex session into a breath-taking experience that’s second to none. I would suggest trying it when you are nearly climaxing for the best results, though the duration and intensity of your orgasms may leave you feeling drained at the end of it all. However, that’s not always bad considering its benefits, or is it?


What To Expect When You Are About To Cum


If you’re new to the idea of prostate milking, it may be hard for you to know whether you’re doing the right thing or not. Nevertheless, it will be quite easy to know when you are about to get an orgasm. For starters, it will feel like your typical orgasms multiplied by a factor of ten, but focusing on more than just your butthole. The sensation will surround your whole genital area, beginning deep inside your ass and going all the way to your abdomen.


Most people will feel each orgasm several times in a row and not just once like the normal ejaculation. Furthermore, you will continue to cum if you keep stimulating your P-spot correctly. Here are more telltale signs to know if you’re doing it right:


  • Intense muscle contractions in your rectum and the stimulation area
  • Twitching on your thighs and pelvic region
  • Feeling a warm sensation around your genitals and pelvic region
  • Experiencing a sensation of fullness in your abdomen, rectum, and pelvis
  • You may feel like you want to urinate, but you won’t piss yourself, so there is no need to panic
  • You will experience multiple orgasms without any recovery time in between


Final Thoughts


Proper prostate milking allows you to enjoy numerous orgasms since your ejaculations originate from your anus and not the penis. These orgasms repeatedly occur within 10-30 seconds apart, giving you a party-like experience in your genitals. Nevertheless, you will need to be a little patient and do some practice on your pleasure technique until you find the sensations that you like.


Don’t forget to use plenty of water-based lubricant before inserting anything in your anal cavity and only use toys meant for prostate milking or you and your partner might be sorry. That said, you are in for a treat if you follow all the steps revealed in this article.