Remote Control Dildos – The Ultimate Guide

Couples in long-distance relationships are constantly hounded by one question – how can they keep their sexual life fun? The common ways to even have a sex life with a long-distance partner are sexting and Skype sex. But, we've got a better option for you – a remote-controlled dildo. Remote control dildos can add enthusiasm to your sex routine. Also, it's not just for long-distance couples. You can use it to kink up your regular sexual sessions with your partner or add an element of BDSM to it where your partner controls the vibration and speed of the dildo.

With remote-controlled dildos, you can make your imagination run wild. If you'reready, we have created a buying guide for you. Take a look.

What are Remote Controlled Dildos?

RC dildo or remote control dildo is a fantastic sex toy shaped like a penis. It can be used during sex with a partner or solo masturbation. This sex toy features a motor that generates awesome pulsation, vibrations, thrusting, or rotation and comes with various work modes and speeds.

These dildos are different from regular dildos, and they can do wonders. First, they are remote-controlled, which means that the vibrations and speed can be controlled by whoever has the remote. Some of them are even wireless and connected to Wi-Fi so that long-distance partners can have some fun with each other without being physically present.

Remote control dildos are capable of vibrating at more than ten speeds to offer intense pleasure. They also feature a moving head and additional stimulators for vaginal and anal penetration. The best part is that the settings and speeds can easily adjust without reaching down between your legs.

What are the Main Features?

Today, a remote control vibrating dildo is manufactured with desirable features to help couples spice up their sex life. Since personalization is available with these devices, it isn't easy to list all the characteristics and features, but the common ones are given below.

In-Built Vibrator – Most remote-controlled dildos come with an in-built vibrator that works in different modes. On average, the vibration modes are between 10 and 50. You can set the vibration speed and mode as per your liking, or your partner can control it according to his liking.

Speed And Other Settings Controlled By Users – Advanced models of remote-controlled dildos come with customization options. This means that users can create their preferred patterns and control the frequency, speed, vibration, order of pulsation, and other such motions.

Controls Are On A Panel Or Mobile Application – Most remote control dildos are either controlled with the help of a small panel that comes set with the device or through an application that has to be installed on the mobile phone or other portable devices.

Local Control – All remote-controlled dildos are controllable in the same room. In addition, the high-end models can be controlled from anywhere, via a Smartphone app and Internet connection.

Wired Or Wireless – You can either select wired or wireless remote control dildo. Wireless models are much more popular today due to their enhanced portability and ability to be controlled from anywhere.

Wearable – Some remote-control dildos are meant to be worn the entire day. This adds the element of surprise. Some even come with special panties to hold the dildo in place.

How to Rightly Use Remote Controlled Dildos?

Using a remote vibrating dildo is not rocket science, but you must take care of a few things to have a unique, earth-shattering experience.

First, if the model comes with an application, install it on your smartphone. Then, you can go through the user manual to understand how the model is operated and controlled. You can also try experimenting by clicking on the application's different control and operation features before introducing the toy to your partner. If the model comes with a remote control panel, you must ensure that the batteries are fully charged and everything is working perfectly.

Second, create a romantic environment. Throw in some rose petals on the bed, light scented candles, play soft music, and bring out the champagne. Do anything that helps you relax and get in the mood.

Third, a little warm-up is good to get things going. You can use your fingers to stimulate your clitoris. Also, you can use the dildo to penetrate it a little bit to give you a feel of the long, hard pleasure thing. You do not have to inject it fully. At first, you can apply lube to the dildo and put it in slowly without vibrating. This is just to let your vagina get comfortable with the new object.

Fourth, once you have gotten comfortable and applied enough lube, it's time to have fun. Start with the lowest vibration speed and work to the top if you can handle it.

Remote-controlled dildos provide knee-wobbling orgasmic pleasure to users during solo masturbation sessions and penetrative sex. The toy can be a part of your BDSM play or a way to feel connected to your long-distance partner. Both men and women can use the device.

Pros and Cons of Control Dildos

● Both men and women can use it.

● They typically have a remote control that allows the user to change the speed, vibration, and pulsation settings.

● It can be used for both solo play and couple play.

● A wide range of settings can be customized to the user's preference.

● They are also relatively easy to use.

● It can be expensive and may require batteries or an external power source.

● Some people may find the remote control to be cumbersome or difficult to use.


How To Clean A Remote Control Dildo?

It is effortless and straightforward to clean a remote control dildo. Use a damp cloth and warm water to clean the shaft, and then disinfect it with a sex toy cleaner. Make sure not to damage the machine with water. Ensure you keep your dildo dry after cleaning.

What Are Size Control Dildos Available?

Control Dildos are available in three sizes: small, medium, and large. Each size is designed to offer a different level of control and sensation.

What Material Is Usually Used To Make The Control Dildos?

The most common material used to make Control Dildos is silicone. However, some manufacturers also use thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), a type of rubber that is non-phthalate and eco-friendly. TPE is also hypoallergenic and latex-free, making it a good choice for people with sensitive skin.