Side effects and myths of male excessive masturbation


According to sexologists, masturbation is healthy sexual behaviour, which is a completely normal process for everyone. But too much masturbation can have harmful side effects for men.


For men, masturbation is more like a means to release stress, but excessive masturbation can cause hormonal changes in the body, leading to a threat to the functioning of the body. Therefore, sexologists suggest that men should not masturbate more than 2 to 3 times a week.


If you masturbate excessively, what are the side effects?


Make you addicted


The habit of masturbation deprives you of real pleasure. Masturbation will further addiction. When a man wants to play with his genitals and cannot control these sudden sexual urges, he will understand that he is addicted to masturbation.


Cause premature ejaculation


Frequent masturbation is completely related to premature ejaculation. For those who masturbate excessively, it is difficult for men to control the release of sperm during sex. When the penile nerves are over-stimulated, it can cause premature ejaculation. However, try to use a lubricant to slow down the strokes during masturbation, it can prevent premature ejaculation.


Energy loss


The loss of physical and mental energy is one of the side effects of masturbation. If you have ever realized, this activity will consume a lot of your energy. Frequent masturbation can harm a man's health. Frequent feelings of tiredness, lethargy, dullness, absolute weakness of the penis, wrinkles, etc.


There are many myths about the risks of masturbation, but none of these claims has been confirmed.


  • Masturbation reduces sexual sensitivity
  • Masturbation causes prostate cancer
  • Masturbation causes blindness
  • Masturbation causes erectile dysfunction
  • Masturbation causes penis contraction
  • Masturbation causes a curved penis
  • Masturbation causes low sperm count
  • Masturbation causes infertility
  • Masturbation causes mental illness
  • Masturbation causes weakness


    How Common is Masturbation?


    In the United States, research shows that masturbation is common.


    In a study of 1,047 men, nearly 32% reported masturbating three times a week, 22% admitted to masturbating less than once a week, and 10% said they masturbated most of the week All do masturbation, and 5% admit to masturbating every day (Reece et al. (2009).


    Among the 14-17-year-olds in the United States, 74% of men have ever done masturbation. In the past three months, this number has dropped to 58% of boys (Kott, 2011).


    In a British survey of 11,161 people in the early 2000s, nearly 73% of men reported masturbation in the past four weeks (Gerressu et al., 2008).


    According to the above data, proper masturbation will not only cause harm to the functioning of the body but in many cases, masturbation can bring health benefits more than side effects. Finally, remember that masturbation is normal, healthy human behaviour.


    Decades of psychological research has shown that this behaviour can improve most people's sexual health and self-knowledge. Masturbation is rarely harmful to a person unless they do so will have a negative impact on other aspects of life. Remember-not everyone masturbates. This is okay because each of us has different sexual needs and motivations. Just remember that if you choose to masturbate, you can do so without causing any long-term negative psychological effects.