The ultimate guide to male masturbation in 2021!

The ultimate guide to male masturbation in 2021!


When it comes to enjoying an intense jerk-off pleasure, male masturbators can’t be ignored. These male sex toys are a necessity for any man who craves for an incredible sexual experience while playing solo. They are also great for stimulation and a man’s stamina training in the sack. Nevertheless, with the huge amount of different male toys in the market, it’s hard to find the most high-quality masturbators. Even after spending hundreds of dollars you might yourself underwhelmed unless you educate yourself on the topic.


In this article, I will dive deep into the subject of male masturbators and help you find the right jerk-off toy for your needs. The article will not only inform you about the different types of male masturbators out there, but it will also help you purchase them with confidence. However, before we do that, let’s first get a clear understanding of what’s a male masturbator.


What is a Male Masturbator?


As its name indicates, a male masturbator is a man’s sex toy used to increase the jerk-off stimulation. These toys usually feature a soft, pliable sleeve where you insert your penis to start enjoying the stimulation. The toy is designed to help you enjoy an intense masturbation experience, similar to having fun with a partner. But, without all the added extra baggage which comes with human relationships.


Aside from stimulation, male masturbators are a great stress reliever and a lot of men also use them for stamina training. These toys are great tools for practice if you want to last longer in bed, converting you into a beast in the bedroom. Knowing that you can last long during crucial moments not only makes sex way better, but it also increases your confidence and sexual prowess when approaching women.


Also known as a cock sleeve or a pocket pussy, male masturbators range from simple to advanced toys. While some are just sleeves with both ends open, others have ridges or nubs on the inner side to stimulate oral, vaginal, anal and even breast sex. More advanced male masturbators may include vibrators and realistic body parts like buttocks, hips, and hair.


Let’s have a closer look at the different types of male masturbators available.


Different Types of Male Masturbators


When it comes to shopping for a male masturbator, there are several types of toys you can choose depending on your needs. These toys come with different shapes, sizes, and characteristics, all featured to make hand-jobs livelier. 


Here are the three main types of male masturbators which I can recommend from personal experience:


  1. Hands-Free Male Masturbators

  2. Realistic Male Masturbators

  3. Vibrating Male Masturbators


1. Hands-Free Male Masturbators


Hands-free male masturbators are built to enhance your masturbation stimulation with little to no effort on your side. These male masturbators come in two different types; automatic male masturbators and blowjob machines. The two toys produce different types of sensations and therefore it’s important to understand what each can do.


Hands-free masturbators for men can be further categorized into:


 1. Automatic Male Masturbators – Also known as electric male masturbators, these toys have the power to jack you off without using any manpower. Their canal textures are designed to stimulate anal and vaginal sex or anything else in between. 


 2. Blowjob Machines – While these toys are not always automatic, they feature various canal textures that slurp, twist and tickle your cock to give you a mind-blowing blowjob experience.


2. Realistic Male Masturbators


If you are looking to have fun with a life-like sex toy for satisfying penetration, you will need to purchase a realistic male masturbator. These toys are modeled to look like a real pussy or an anal opening, with realistic characteristics such as hair and smooth skin for an intense experience. Most of them are molded from top-ranking nude models.


3. Vibrating Male Masturbators


For those who would like to take their masturbation experience to the next level, this is the type of male masturbator that you need. The toy comes with vibrating motors on the inside to increase the stimulation, giving you breath-taking orgasms while masturbating.


How We Chose the Best Male Masturbators


To get the best male masturbator, you need to consider several factors including:




Obviously, the first thing you need to consider when buying a male masturbator is the size of your penis. Thankfully, most masturbators on the market are built to fit almost any man, unless you have an extremely large or small penis size. Nevertheless, you will need to buy a small toy if you need to keep it hidden from children, friends or other family members.




While quality is one of the most crucial factors in selecting a male masturbator, it goes hand in hand with the price. However, that’s not always the case. In most cases, you will need to read various reviews and check the product for safety to ensure it’s not allergic to your skin. Luckily, you don’t need to do all that with any of the products on our list below.


Realistic or Fetish Experience


Depending on what turns you on, you should pick the male masturbator with the aesthetics that suits your needs best. You should try something realistic if you are using the masturbator for stamina training, but you are free to get as wild as you want if all you need is pleasure. 


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How to use a Male Masturbator


Whether you need a male masturbator for stamina training or just for pleasure sake, it’s important to know exactly how to use it. Here is a quick guide to give you exactly what you need:


Get Prepped – Like most sex toys, all male masturbators need to be used with a lubricant to make it easy to insert. That also helps you to enjoy delicious stimulations without having to endure any uncomfortable friction. I like using a water-based lubricant with my toys, but the type of lube you use depends on your masturbator’s material.


Using a masturbator for stamina boosting – When it comes to delaying your ejaculation, “edging” is the most popular method used. For that, you can condition your body’s responses by stopping the masturbation process moments before climax and continuing the process after a minute. That will help you improve your pleasure tolerance level.


Using a masturbator with a partner – While male masturbators are great for solo jerk-off experience, they are an exciting addition to couples fun.