Why you should get an Onahole? How to pick?


As teenagers, many of us had nothing better to do so we started looking around for creative ways of masturbation. We used banana peels, we used rubber gloves pulled into a Lays box, we used socks, we used everything… or was I the only one who was so horny and desperate? As I was a fan of anime from an early age, right when I turned 18 I ordered my first Onahole online, and boy was it different from my homemade Onaholes. It felt like a real vagina, and needless to say, my masturbation sessions were taken to a whole new level. If you have never owned an Onahole, then I strongly advise you to do it right now. 


Why you should get an Onahole


There are endless reasons to buy one of the best Onaholes on this list. They are cheap, they are effective and they feel fantastic. If you have ever tried something like pocket pussy, then you know how incredible male masturbators can be when they are done right. Buying an Onahole is the way to go, trust me. They are the most famous sex toys to come out from the sexually adventurous Japan, and that alone should account for something.


How to pick the best Onahole


Size: Choosing the right size Onahole is the most important first step you need to take. When you pick an Onahole which is too small, it will create too much friction and even with lube, you will feel uncomfortable using it. Choosing a large Onahole is a safer choice, but at the same time, if you choose something too massive, you will not experience the internal ribbed designs fully, as your shaft is not pressed fully against the inside. For most of you, a medium-sized Onahole will fit perfectly, so I would recommend you to go with that as a first buy.


Design: What does the internal and external design look like? Evaluating the inside of an Onahole without testing it for yourself can be very difficult, so you will just have to trust my penis for now… but as for the outside, you can make some judgments yourself. When it comes to the difference in design, there are two main types of Onaholes – single layer Onaholes and double layer Onaholes. For beginners, I would say that a single layer Onahole is a good start, as they are very simple and effective. For more experienced users, a double layer version might offer more excitement, though. The decision of what is the best Onahole design for you can only be made by you and you only, though.


Do you want an Onahole which looks like an actual pussy? Well then, you have many choices also. Most Onaholes on this list look like real pussies, adding to the realistic feeling when you are using it. Some of them are very sexy, and it really does add to the experience when the Onahole you are pounding away on both feels and looks realistic.


Softness: If you are a first-time purchaser of an Onahole, I would not pay too much attention to these ratings. Since all of the best Onaholes are made from TPE material, they already feel very soft and smooth to the touch. You will never know whether you prefer one rating higher or one rating lower softness until you have tested multiple Onaholes already. Personally, I don’t like Onaholes which are too soft, as I feel that they are not as realistic as firmer ones.


Price: You should be prepared to make a small investment in order to get the best Onahole of your dreams. I am not saying that you need to dish out $100, but you should be willing to spend at least $40 total (for shipping, water-based lube, the Onahole itself) if you want a good Onahole. There are some super cheap Onaholes out there, but in my opinion, the few extra dollars you spend on a high-end Onahole are more than worth it.


Things to consider when choosing an Onahole


If you are planning to order an Onahole from Japan (Japan still has the best selection of anime Onaholes), then you might want to consider ordering multiple Onaholes at the same time. Shipping from Japan takes a while, and I always make sure I buy at least 3 if I’m putting in an order. This way you can save on shipping, and you will have the chance to test out multiple different designs to see which is the best Onahole design for you.


When you are on a tight budget, however, I would advise you to buy from a USA based vendor (if you are from the USA, that is). Shipping will be cheap and you will get your Onahole quickly.


Maintenance: Just as when buying pretty much any sex toy, make sure to wash yours before use, and then after every use to keep in good condition. You can use an anti-bacterial toy cleaner if you’re fancy like that.


Also, I would always advise buying water-based lubrication with every shipment, unless you already have some at home.