4 Common Fetishes That Turn People On


If you’re someone that got a rebellious appetite or a taste for the kinky, these sexual fetishes can help to spicy your sex life up.


Impact Play


Impact games are a BDSM kink exercise in which one person is struck by another for the satisfaction of one or both. This can come in a variety of ways, usually by spanking, hitting, tickling, pinching, shocking, hot wax, ice cubes. A variety of tools are also commonly used to help get the job done.


4 Common Fetishes That Turn People On


For many, the simple act of touching and thrusting is no longer enough to satisfy a growing sexual appetite. That’s when they turn to some kind of sensory play. They’re more likely to enjoy getting their nipples twisted, getting their butts kicked, and even having their urethra invaded.


Foot Fetish


For many people, feet are the best erogenous zones of the body. In addition to having sex in a normal position, touching and rubbing the genitals with beautiful toes is what excites this group the most. It’s no doubt that foot fetish is by far the most popular and pervasive in the kinky culture community, which is always in connection with feet worship, footjobs, sexualizing shoes, and stockings.


4 Common Fetishes That Turn People On


Foot fetish can make your sex life more colorful. It’s a healthy sexual appetite as long as you don’t steal or even use violence to get what you need.


Pet Play


The pet play is a subculture of BDSM in which one (or more) doms play the role of the pet owner and one (or more) subs play the role of the pet. The one in the submissive role will follow the orders and act like a pet, such as putting on a leash and crawling on all fours or even defecating outside.


4 Common Fetishes That Turn People On


Sometimes furryism will get involved. People will dress up in elaborate animal costumes and often have sex while wearing them. It’s far more popular than you would think.


Outdoor Sex


Sex is more fun for some people when it is watching or being seen by others in real life or online. It offers the thrill of breaking a taboo, of possibly getting caught. If you successfully engage in risky public sex, your brain’s reward system will release a lot of dopamine, which will drive you to euphoria. Well, Just be safe, keep it cute, and don't actually get caught.


4 Common Fetishes That Turn People On