A Beginner’s Guide On Vibrating Dildos

If you want the best-erected artificial penis that can get you in the mood, then a Vibrating Dildo is just the sex toy you have been looking for. Whatever your proclivity might be, whatever your wet dreams might involve, we are certain that within our catalog, you will find the perfect Vibrating Dildo to make your sensual dreams a reality.

What is a Vibrating Dildo?

A vibrating dildo is a sex toy ordinarily framed like Dildos for sexual entrance. Dildos are one of the best sex toys considering their various tones and sizes. Dildos are found in two kinds, i.e., normal dildos and vibrating dildos; they can, in manner, be butt-driven Dildos, belts, and strapless, or even useful.

Types of Vibrating Dildos

Advancements in the sex toy industry have projected the creation of plenty of vibrating dildos that deliver unique vibrations on different body parts. Some of the top picks of Dildo Vibrators include;

G-Spot Vibrating Dildos

The G-spot is among the most sensitive parts in women that can lead to extreme orgasms when well-stimulated. Some ladies struggle to locate their G-spot, negatively impacting their sex life. However, bringing in G-spot Vibrator Dildos is the ultimate solution as it helps find and rub the g-spot to induce mind-altering climaxes.

Suction Cup Vibrating Dildos

An amazing vibrator model for people who enjoy solo erotic games. Suction cup vibrating dildos offer hand-free pleasure when alone or with a partner. They include a suction cup at the base that readily attaches to firm and clean surfaces, leaving the hands free to roam on other sensitive organs and heightening the overall stimulation.

Bullet Vibrating Dildos

One of the easy-to-use types of Vibrator Dildos in the market today. Bullet Dildo Vibrators include a bullet style that emits a single intense vibe pattern directed to your clitoris, vagina, or anus. They are small-sized, making them one of the best devices for secretive or traveling pleasures.

Clitoral Vibrating Dildos

The clitoral vibrating dildos provide a quick remedy for you to enjoy the next sexual encounter with your lover. This vibrating dildo is designed to hit and stimulate the external and internal parts of the clitoris that contain dense nerve endings.

Materials of Dildo

Vibrating dildoscan be made from a variety of different materials. Read below to learn about each material's differences, advantages, and disadvantages!

●    Silicone– Often considered the best sex toy material, silicone is hypoallergenic, easy to clean, sterilize, and flexible.

●    TPE– This material is a budget-friendly option, but there’s a reason for that: it’s porous! Being a porous material, TPE has thousands of microscopic holes that can easily harbor bacteria if not sufficiently cleaned.

●    PVC– Also known as vinyl, PVC is a porous material that may contain phthalates. Phthalates are chemicals used to increase flexibility, which sounds alright, except they’ve been linked to multiple long-term health issues!

●    Glass– This non-porous material is easy to clean, hypoallergenic can be sterilized, and responds to temperature changes well.

Size of Dildo

How big do you want your pulsating toy to be? Products start as small as four inches and go up. If you like shallow thrusts, small and cheap vibrating dildos may be a good starting point. However, if you get off from deep penetration, you'll want to opt for a seven- or eight-inch toy.

How to Use a Vibrating Dildo

Still, trying to figure out where to start? Try these tips!


Vibrating dildos can deliver vibrational and penetrative stimulation – so they’re a perfect solo toy! Lube up, get comfy, and get to know your favorite toys!

With a Partner

Vibrating dildoscan stimulate other sensitive areas of the body, like the nipples! Vibrating dildos are also great to explore with a partner! Grab your toy and get to know your partner’s favorite sensations.

With a Harness

Many vibrating dildos are also harness-compatible! Harnesses are great for intimate penetration of your partner, be it vaginally or anally!


Vibrating dildos with flared bases can be used anally, too! They can be great for p-spot stimulation. For more anal vibrations, check out our round-up of remote control butt plugs, anal vibrators, and large vibrating butt plugs.

How to Clean a Vibrating Dildo

Never submerge your motorized toys in the water! (If battery-powered, take the batteries out before cleaning). The easiest way to clean them is to wipe them down using a warm, damp cloth with antibacterial soap. Be sure to either air dry thoroughly or dry with a towel until bone dry.

How to Choose the Best Vibrating Dildo

●     When comparing your options, you’ll want to consider every aspect of your new toy, starting with the size. Length and girth are essential since you’ll need to comfortably insert the toy into your vagina and anus, but choosing a toy that’s too large could also limit your discreet storage options!

●     Next on the list is realism. Some people prefer life-like dildos, others don’t care, and some want a dildo that doesn’t look like a penis. Fortunately, there are plenty of designs, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find one that fits the bill! If your vibrating dildo uses internal electronics, you’ll want to look for one with long battery life, as there’s nothing worse than a toy dying mid-session! You won’t have this issue with toys that use removable batteries, but you will have to keep replacing them (a cost that can add up over time).

Pros of Dildo

●     Body-safe

●     10 vibration functions

●     Flexible

●     Vibrant

●     Waterproof

●     Realistic

●     Budget-friendly

●     Hypoallergenic

Cons of Dildo

●     It could be too girthy

●     The material is a little tacky

●     Rigid

●     Limited skin tones

●     Not anal safe


Is it safe to buy cheap vibrating dildos?

Price isn't the only determining factor in safe-to-buy toys. There are plenty of budget-friendly, body-safevibrating dildoson the market - you have to avoid PVC and other porous materials! If you can't, we'd recommend using a condom over the vibrating dildo to prevent the build-up of harmful bacteria on the toy.

Which type of vibrating dildo should I buy?

There are many types of vibrating dildos; unfortunately, there's no one size fits all. It truly depends on the purpose. If you're interested in G-spot stimulation, try a rabbit vibe! If you want something for a long distance, an app-controlled toy might be just up your street.