Anal Vibrating Toys for Men: Best Sex Toys for Him


You’ve been enjoying anal play, but you’re looking for a wider variety of sensations and control, then vibrating anal sex toys are for you. They offer a wide range of sensations usually controlled by a remote to allow for you to get used to one level of vibration before moving onto a more powerful one.


Some toys also have interval vibrations to give you a chance to catch your breath and to vary the experience of the toy. Most anal vibrating toys are USB rechargeable (or at least they should be), waterproof and made of medical grade silicone and they’re typically either a prostate massager or a butt plug.


Vibrating Prostate Massager


Vibrating Prostate massagers for men are typically made of medical grade silicone which encases the battery and software wiring within the toy so that you can shock yourself and to allow for a barrier light enough so that you feel the full intensity of the vibrations.


You can use these whenever because they’re typically small and their benefit against regular prostate massagers is that you don’t have to manipulate them yourself. They can vibrate at a rate that would cause your hand to cramp and can really intensify your orgasms.


They’re great to add to your repertoire of sex toys as stand-alone fun time toys or in unison with a masturbation cup or other masturbator.


Vibrating Butt Plug


Vibrating butt plugs are very similar to prostate massagers, but they work all areas of the butt; the prostate, rectum, and then anal lining. They’re not small and non-intrusive because they’re typically used before another larger toy or object.


They’re great as anal trainers or as stand-alone toys, but the advantage that a vibrating butt plug has over a regular butt plug is that it increases your experience of sensations from just expansion or a feeling of fullness to vibrations that stimulate your prostate as well as your entire rectum. Some even have remote controls that other people can control.


You could even allow your partner to get a little naughty with your vibration levels! These toys are usually medical grade silicone which makes them very easy to clean and very soft to touch.



Choosing the right material for your sex toy may be just as important as choosing the sex toy itself. The material of your toy will offer versatility, comfortability, cleanliness, sensual pleasure, and durability. And at the cost of some of your beloved toys, it’s best to take these all into consideration before coughing up a pretty penny for your sexy time friend. So let’s talk materials.




100% medical grade silicone is probably one of the best materials out there for anal and vaginal stimulation. It’s super easy to clean because its a non-porous substrate (use soap and water to cleanse between uses) and it’s very smooth.


It has a nice satisfying velvety feel to it with no sharp corners usually found in the seams of cheap plastic toys such as dildos or plugs. It’s waterproof and compatible with oil, water, silicone and hybrid personal lubricants.


Silicone-based toys also tend to be very flexible, elastic and light, bending very nicely the ridges and curves of your body which makes for easy insertion, easy relaxation and comfort, and lots of anal fun.




Glass sex toys are probably some of the most aesthetically pleasing of the varieties of sex toys out there.


These sex toys look like beautiful works of art that you’d want to almost display them on your shelves and nightstands! They are outstanding options if you’re looking for something that’s easy on the eye and also easy on the bottom! Because they’re glass, they’re perfect for experimentation with things like temperature play.


You can merely plop the glass sex toy into a bowl of warm water, and you end up with something that may resemble the internal temperature of a penis.


Or, you place the sex toy in a bowl of ice water to trick and train your body to respond to the cold touch. It makes for excellent teasing fun with a partner!


Glass sex toys are very easy to clean because they’re non-porous and, just like silicone toys, they only require soap and water to clean. Glass toys typically have a little more weight to them so they may be nice if you’re looking for something that already has some presence.


They’re not flexible like silicone so you’ll need to go slow or try some anal trainers such as butt plugs to help get you into your sexy time groove. But, as with all things, with patience, dedication and a little bit (or a lot) of personal lubricant, anything is possible.




Metal sex toys for men, particularly 100% medical grade stainless steel are not too common. They’re typically found in the form of butt plugs, anal beads, and prostate massagers but they’re worth mentioning. They’re very similar to glass sex toys in that they’re rigid so they may require some training on your part.


They’re temperature sensitive so they’re great for explore your more sensual side and make for great foreplay. And they’re very easy to clean as they’re also non-porous (Non-porous toys are just all around great).


Unlike glass though, they tend to be fairly light and more natural on the hands. Also unlike glass, they’re 100% shatter resistant. Most good glass sex toys are shatter-proof, but with stainless steel, it’s not even a fear to have. Metal sex toys work best with water and silicone based lubricants.




Plastic or rubber sex toys are usually on the lower end of the price scale for sex toys as they’re typically made with materials of less than stellar quality. They’re typically porous, so cleaning them would require a specific cleaning solution as well as boiling them for about 3 minutes to fully sanitize them between each use.


They’re very flexible and elastic, so they’re great for molding to the ridges of your body and get really get to those hard to reach “good feeling” places.


Because they’re plastic, they tend to have visible and “feelable” seams along the edges of the shafts of dildos especially and can cause irritation or minor tearing to your rectum (all the not good feelings), but this can easily be fixed by using your toys with condoms only.


Plastic and rubber toys also tend not to be FDA approved or certified and are made of a mish-mash of chemicals, so it’s best that if you decide to put it in your body that you create a barrier between you and the porous toy with a condom.


You get to have your fun, your toy doesn’t require an intense cleaning, and you don’t want to worry about any chemicals leaching into your body.


How to Prepare for Using Anal Toys


Okay, so you know the toys you want to use, and you’ve decided on a time, so now how do we prepare ourselves to embark on this anal play journey? There are a variety of enema bulb anal douches to cleanse your rectum before anal play gently.


They come with smaller tips for easy insertion and with ridged tips to help loosen and relax your rectal muscles before an anal session. Whichever you choose to go with, always be sure to use lukewarm water as not to shock your system and to use a water or silicone based personal lubricant to make insertion seamless.


Final Thoughts


No matter which of the best male sex toys on this list you decide to go with, one thing is for sure. You are in for a world of pleasure. I used to be someone who only masturbated with his hands, but within the last five years, I have truly grown to appreciate the world of sex toys for men. No longer are sex toys limited to women… men have just as much, or an even better choice of products already.


Now with the knowledge of the types of sex toys, the materials you’d like to try and the best sex toys on the market we hope you’ll quite literally f*ck yourself and enjoy the ride! When men and sex toys come together, beautiful things can happen.