Buying Guide to Male Sex Toys


In this section, we will cover all the most important details regarding buying male sex toys. It’s not an overly complicated process, but it’s still crucial that you take into consideration a few things before you make an order. Otherwise, you might end up with a lighter wallet and no sexual enjoyment to show for it.


Types of Sex Toys for Men


When you look for sex toys for men, you’ll come across an extensive selection of pleasing items to choose from. But where to start?


Sex toys for men can be categorized into toys used for anal stimulation, pleasure, and training, penile restriction, stimulation, and pleasure, and vibrating anal stimulators. Whether you’re looking for something to help you wank one out, feeling a little adventurous and wanting to try something new with your partner, or wanting to train your body for more strenuous anal play, there’s definitely a toy for you!


Anal Sex Toys for Men


When you’re looking for the best anal sex toys for men, you have a few options to choose from depending on what sensations you’d like to explore, how in tune you are with yourself and how comfortable you may be playing with your butt. Each has their pros and cons, but they all are meant to please a different specific part of your butt as well as provide a different level of sensation, friction, and pleasure.


Butt Plugs


Butt plugs are usually used for training your bottom to expand more comfortable to allow for larger toys, larger penises, fists, you name it, no judgment here! They’re also very discreet; you can have one in during work, while you’re cleaning at home, or while you’re exercising.


They allow you the ability to train your kegels and your autonomic nervous system to allow for ease of pleasure without particularly needing to tend to the toy and actively maneuver.


Butt plugs have a large wide base so that you never have to fear it getting stuck inside of you and it makes for an easy hand grip when you’d like to remove the toy. Butt plugs come in a variety of materials, particularly metal, glass, silicone, and rubber.




Dildos are probably more of what you imagine when you think of an anal sex toy. They come in a variety sizes, lengths, girths, colors, and shapes for your whatever your prostate is craving that day! If you’ve got a favorite gay male porn star, he’s probably got a dildo you can purchase, and you’ll get to live out your fantasy as often as you’d like!


If you’re thinking of maybe letting your girlfriend or wife peg you, you may want to decide to go with a more phallic shaped dildo without all of the realistic detail; maybe even with an attachment for your partner’s pleasure.


Dildos come in a variety of materials as well with silicone and PVC or jelly being the most common because they typically come with a suction base that allows for hands-free anal thrusting.


Prostate Massager


Prostate massagers are very similar to butt plugs but have a different function. They have a structure with ridges that comfortably tug and caress at your prostate.


They are typically smaller and less girthy as their function is typically just to stimulate the prostate being as little intrusive as possible.


They typically have ring bases that allow for easy insertion and removal, and just like butt plugs, they’re inconspicuous and can be used throughout the day. They are typically made of silicone and glass, but on the rare occasion, you may find a medical grade stainless steel one.


Penile Toys


Sex toys for your penis come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, weights, materials; you name it. They can range from fleshlights and cock rings to chastity cages or sounding materials.


Whether you’re looking for something portable or something you can use with your partner, there’s definitely a toy for you.


Cock Rings


Cock rings are used to restrict the blood flow escaping your erect penis allowing you to maintain a sturdier, lengthier and girthier erection. They can aid in your performance with your partner and can also be used alone during a self-love session. They’re typically made of silicone because it’s flexible and allows the ring to fit snug around your penis and scrotum.


Masturbation Cup


Masturbation cup are a type of penile masturbator with a wide range of functions and features. There are fleshlight toys that are parts of the body so that you can experience the act of thrusting into a butt or vagina more realistically and there are kinds that resemble a Masturbation cup with an anal, oral or vaginal masturbator inside.


There are very discreet egg fleshlights that wrap around your penis with some lube and provide a ridged thrusting pleasure! Lots of options! They’re perfect for when you want to enjoy your “you” time to the fullest.




I know what you’re thinking, kink isn’t a kind of penile sex toy, and you’re right! It’s not! But it’s a subgroup of penile sex toys for men that are looking to spice things and try things out of the normal realm of sensual pleasure. Maybe you’re looking to live out your sexual desire to be a submissive slave to your daddy dom or your dominatrix girlfriend or wife; cages are perfect for you!


They allow for the restriction of the penis and scrotum as well as a lock that you can choose to hand off to your partner for the full experience! Maybe you’re wondering what it would feel like to explore sensations that happen within the penis, particularly the urethra, then sounding materials are for you!


They’re made of medical grade stainless steel, so they’re easy to clean, non-porous and safe to use! They also come in a variety of sizes if you’re just looking to explore if you like the sensations, alone or with your partner.


Final Thoughts


Whether you’re a sex toy connoisseur or a newbie, the desire to explore our bodies and what makes us feel good is innate. The best sex toys for men will ensure you satisfy your every personal physical need. These toys are more than capable of giving you multiple orgasms one after another. That’s right, just like women, men can also have multiple orgasms. It just needs a little training. Male sex toys will be the perfect tools in your arsenal to develop the superhero ability that is multiple orgasming.