How to reach orgasm from the G-spot

How to reach orgasm from the G-spot


Most have heard, but only a few have experienced it. Someone thinks that not everyone has the G-spot, and therefore I do not have it or it is very difficult to find it. And many are sure that these are all bikes.


But maybe you just need to know a couple of simple things?


Few facts about the G-spot


The so-called G-spot is named after the German gynaecologist Ernst Grafenberg, who discovered it in the 1980s. According to his research, absolutely all women have a G-spot and from a physiological point of view, except for pleasure, they are no longer responsible for anything.


The orgasm itself, the women who experienced it, describe it as, on the one hand, a wonderful euphoria, complete relaxation and satisfaction. But it is also a very strong sensation, much stronger than a normal orgasm. Also, the G-spot orgasm is characterized by its cyclical nature. That is if a girl usually suffices one or two times, then after stronger sensations of the G-spot orgasm, she wants more and more.


Finding her is pretty easy. It is located on the front wall of the vagina, on average at a distance of 4-5 centimetres from the entrance. That is, if you put your palm on the pubis and place the middle and ring fingers inward to the second joint, then the pads  


fingers, you just feel it. To the touch, it is like a small tubercle, slightly rough in comparison with the rest of the bosom. 


So you groped for her, crumple, and where is the orgasm? And even in general, some strange sensations. This is the whole point. The main question is not how to find the cherished G-point, but “what exactly to do with it”?


How to find the G-spot, how to wake it up and what to do next?


There are two main reasons why the G-spot remains a mystery to most.


The first is that when a girl is just starting to explore her body, his erogenous zones, the first thing she encounters is the clitoris. A rudiment of the penis in a tiny body, which contains a huge number of nerve endings.


A virgin girl, of course, shouldn't go deeper. Waiting for defloration can be delayed, and by itself, the habit of reaching orgasm is developed by stimulating the clitoris. Why climb inside if there is such a thrill outside?


Another reason lies in some specificity of its action. The fact is that when it is stimulated, most girls have a strong desire to urinate. This is due to the fact that the secretion of the paraurethral glands begins to accumulate in the urinary canal. Simply put, the lubricant that is released from girls when excited and is a kind of lubricant for the penis in the bosom. Has it ever happened that you have violent sex, everything is fine, and suddenly you wanted to use the toilet? But we have already been there, specially prepared. As a result, the girl runs to the toilet, the excitement passes. Or does not run to the toilet, but restrain the sensations of being afraid to write. Congratulations, the young man now groped the coveted G-spot with his penis.


“But how can you reach orgasm if you want to go to the toilet?” - you ask. Describe what?


Already many are familiar with the term "squirting" or "squirt", jet female orgasm. In fact, this is the G-spot orgasm. In porn videos, as a rule, it is portrayed as extremely profuse, often imitating ordinary urination. But this is a categorical delusion.


Just before orgasm, fluid is actually released from the urethra (squirting), but as we have already determined this is not the urine, but the secret of the paraurethral glands. And not at all as much as when going to the toilet. Outwardly and in quantity, it is similar to male ejaculation - several streams of clear liquid. At the same time, the effect itself, as it was written at the very beginning, significantly exceeds the usual orgasm. 


The subtleties of achieving a G-spot orgasm


G orgasm depends on 2 things:


Firstly, the psychological readiness of the girl to the fact that something will pour out of her. Not everyone is ready for this, even on their own. Moreover, if there is a partner nearby. Fears such as “what will he think”, “what if I really describe myself,” are added. From a man, in this case, maximum patience, restraint and tact are required. The girl should understand that "he" really really wants to please her and it all excites him very much, and the liquid pouring out of her will not embarrass him at all.


The girl's biggest fears are that she will be described because just before orgasm, the sensations of urging to go to the toilet are extremely strong. To minimize anxiety, you just need to prepare a little - go to the toilet first and not drink a lot of fluids. With practice, the girl will be able to clearly distinguish between the sensations of the bladder and the approaching orgasm.


Secondly, the condition of the vaginal muscles affects orgasm. The pattern is simple - the tighter they are, the stronger the orgasm and the easier it is to achieve it. That is, for a young girl who has recently begun sex life and whose muscles are in excellent tone, it is much easier for a young girl to reach a G-spot orgasm than to give birth. It must be remembered that the vaginal muscles tend to "loosen up" and simply as a result of active sex life. To tighten them, it is recommended to do special exercises called humbling. For best performance, vaginal balls and kegel trainers can be used. You can find a lot of material on this topic on the Internet.


G-spot stimulation


The key to G orgasm lies in relaxation, a distraction from any heavy thoughts. If the girl is alone, then it is best to take a hot bath, relax in it, leisurely self-massage of the hands, neck, chest, abdomen and thighs. 


If you are with a partner, then massage is a must. It will help relieve tension, relax, distract from thoughts and tune in to enjoyment.


With practice, this need will gradually diminish, but the first times it should be pretty solid.


The massage should not be dry. Have your partner use massage oil, or use regular baby oil as a last resort. For the best relaxing effect, it can be preheated slightly in the microwave. No rush, the massage should be truly sensual and relaxing from fingers to toes.


G-spot massage is preceded by playing with the labia, clitoral stimulation. Whether a girl with a partner or alone, it makes sense to start at the G-spot at the very last moment, when the excitement has already increased and you want more and more.


The first time you don't need any vibrators or special tools. They may be needed in the future if there is a desire to diversify the sensations. The best stimulants will be fingers - index and middle, or middle and ring, whichever is more convenient. Start with gentle, smooth stroking. Follow the sensations, if suddenly there was an urge to go to the toilet - then you are on the right track. Here, it is important for a girl not to be frightened and not to extinguish these sensations, but on the contrary to relax, even more, to direct all emotions there, to try to enjoy these sensations. The first time, pleasure may not be achievable. Since some find it difficult to overcome the fear of writing. The main thing is to understand that this is only an illusion of the desire to urinate.


Perhaps not everything will work out right away. Your partner may need to practice massage. But it's worth it. Indeed, for a real man, there is no more reward than to contemplate the pleasure of a mistress. And the girl should relax and tune in to pleasure and the result will exceed all expectations!