Sex is not only pleasant but also useful!


The bed is the best sports equipment ever invented by mankind! In an agitated person, the heart rate rises from 70 to 150 beats per minute - like a weightlifter lifting a barbell. One intercourse burns about the same number of calories as 15 minutes of running at a good pace on a treadmill - how much more enjoyable the first is than the second! Well, an arithmetic example "for sweet": in 30 minutes of sexual intercourse, 500 calories are burned.


That is, having sex once a day, you will lose a kilo of weight in a week! Not only that but insisting on making love every day can also improve the quality of life


1. Strengthen your immune system through sex!


People who do IT regularly have 30 per cent more antibodies in their blood than abstinence supporters. Therefore, sexually active ladies and gentlemen are much less likely to catch flu, colds and other infectious diseases.


As for diseases that are caught in another way, the answer is obvious: a condom, a condom, and again a condom. Not in the sense, of course, to put on three pieces at a time, but in the sense of not forgetting to buy! Fortunately, these super-necessary pieces are sold everywhere - even in a pharmacy, even at the checkout in any supermarket. 


2. You are not satisfied with your breast size. Unbelievable, but true: regular sex increases breasts!


The fact is that during arousal, blood flow increases and the breasts can "grow" by 25 per cent!


3. Your memory often fails you, you do not absorb information well. It's also hard to believe, but with every woman's orgasm. increase your IQ!


American scientists, tirelessly exploring the sexual capabilities of bipedal, found out that during orgasm, blood circulation in the body occurs at the maximum speed and oxygen-rich blood quickly reaches all organs, including the brain. And the control centre of the hormonal system - the hypothalamus - also controls the work of the centres of memory and learning. So students and female students during the sessions should do more than just cramming. 


4. You are tormented by insomnia.


But how sweetly he falls asleep after orgasm, right? This is because the increased level of the hormone oxytocin during sex has a strong sedative effect and is an excellent natural sleeping pill.


5. You are not satisfied with the skin tone of the body. So what was the matter for?


Almost all muscle groups are trained during sex. And especially such important for women as the muscles of the pelvis, thighs, buttocks, abdominals and arms.


In addition, during intercourse, the hormone testosterone is released into the bloodstream, which has a beneficial effect on the musculoskeletal system. Regular sex also improves posture. 20 minutes of sex is equivalent to a half-hour morning exercise. So, if you are thin in principle, but cannot get rid of the hated tummy in any way, you now know what to do. 


6. You are horrified to discover new signs of ageing on your face.


With regular sex, the body increases the content of collagen, important for women, which is known to make the skin smoother and silkier. And the progesterone produced by the body during sex relieves the face of pimples. According to the same American studies, couples who constantly make love at least 3 times a week, after age 30, ALWAYS look two to three years younger than their peers who practice abstinence. 


7. You are constantly dissatisfied with yourself.


Any long-legged beauty, especially those younger than you, causes you a quiet irritation, and photos of models in magazines spoil your mood for the whole day. Only passionate sex can cure this ailment. When the desired man tells you that you are the most beautiful woman on earth, and proves it by deed, you finally stop thinking about how many extra centimetres encircled your waist, or that your butt is no longer as elastic as in the old days.


When a man wants you, it's much easier to accept and love yourself!


Sex is healthier (and more enjoyable, which is the most important thing. Great fitness) However, provided that the young lady respects a healthy lifestyle