Not sure what a rabbit vibe is or how to use one?

Not sure what a rabbit vibe is or how to use one?


Have you ever used a vibrator before? If not, you are missing out on serious pleasure and orgasm. It is now time to experience those sensational bunny ears of a Rabbit Vibrator. No one can possibly go wrong with this rabbit.


We created this guide on using rabbit vibrators, so anyone can get the most sensation and stimulation from this toy. But first, let us get acquainted with this sex plaything a little.




Think of rabbit vibrators as regular vibes with a little something extra. That little something can make a big difference when it comes to the quality (and multitude) of your orgasms. Along with the standard vibrator end for vaginal penetration, a rabbit vibe has a second arm for clitoral stimulation. This second arm usually has two soft silicone "ears" on top to give all sorts of fluttering, tickling pleasure to the user. The name "rabbit" comes from the Vibratex Rabbit Pearl, which was such a hit after its release in 1984 that the name became synonymous with the vibrator style.




There's really no one way to use a rabbit vibe, but there are a few things you should do and know before you hop on yours. First and foremost, you need to power that baby up. Some rabbit vibrators are rechargeable via USB cable while others use plain ol' batteries.


Second, check out the controls and capabilities of your bunny vibrator. While the designs of rabbit vibrators are pretty similar, the controls can vary depending on the model. Take a moment to get familiar with your rabbit vibrator and figure out which buttons control the different features. Is there a lock feature to keep settings in place once you find the right combination? Are there separate controls for vibrating and thrusting/other motions? How many levels of stimulation are there, and where's the darn off switch? When you know how to work your rabbit vibrator correctly, you’ll always be in for a special treat.


It's a good idea to use lube with your rabbit vibrator, especially if the model you're enjoying features an anal penetration element. Since most rabbit vibrators are silicone based, be sure to use a water-based lube to avoid breaking down your new toy. Also, make sure your rabbit vibe is waterproof before taking it into the shower or submerging it in the bathtub — nothing kills the mood like a drowned bunny.


Finally, have fun with it! You can use a rabbit vibe for solo vaginal penetration and clitoral stimulation, but you can also use it with a partner or on other body parts. If you love nipple stimulation, the bunny's soft ears are sure to make you melt. You can even use a rabbit vibe while your partner penetrates you, giving you control of your own pleasure — very sexy, indeed!