Sex Toys or Adult Health-Care Products? Anal Toys Are Not Only Plugs!


Anal toys also belong to a classification of sex products, which is often referred to as adult health-care products or adult toys.


From the simple non-functional plugs gradually evolved into the current multi-functional backdoor toys, the variety of backdoor toys is totally beyond our imagination. If you still hold a very one-sided view that there is only one kind of anal plugs, how great the pleasure you will miss!


Types of Anal Toys


Backdoor toys occupy a place in the erotic products, which generally includes anal plugs, anal beads and prostate massagers. In addition to the prostate massagers that is dedicated to men, the other two kinds are for users regardless of gender.


Routinely, anal plugs are generally rounded base at the bottom and a pointy insertable part at the top. The basic model generally does not have any electric functions, but many of the new anal plugs come with functions such as vibration, keeping up with the times to bring users more anal pleasure.


The anal beads which is, as the name implies, made of many beads spliced together in line, is a more common backdoor toy. It is characterized by the difference in the arrangement of the beads due to their size and dimensions will bring the user a variety of stimulation. Experienced adults prefer to choose functional beads for more extreme pleasure.


Prostate massagers are well distinguished from ordinary anal plugs. The former usually comes with a certain degree of curvature and is designed for precise stimulation of the male P-spot, the effect of which is similar to that of a vibrator for the female G-spot. Generally speaking, the prostate massager produced nowadays owns a vibrating function.


Why Butt-Games Bring Happiness?


Studies have shown that the anal area is one of the areas with the highest concentration of nerve endings anywhere in the human body, which is why butt-games deserve more attention than before. In addition to this, the male specific sensitive spot (P-spot) is extremely easy to reach orgasm with external stimulation. Women can also gradually reach orgasm through the anal games after getting used to backdoor stimulation.


How to Make the Best of Anal Toys?

1. Expansion with Anal Plug


Anal plugs are simple to use and can be inserted into the expected hole to obtain some stimulation. The first insertion may be accompanied by a strong foreign body sensation, but once you become familiar with it you will love the wonderful feeling of having your anus filled up and your sphincter stretched. Anal plugs gently expand the sphincter in the anal area, preparing yourself for sexual activities later.


Newcomers are advised to choose a small-sized anal plug, and lubricant is an essential accompaniment to an anal toy to reduce unwanted friction.


Anal plugs are made of hard cold metal or glass, or pliable warm soft rubber. In terms of shape, there may be plush tails that are continued on the end of the anal plugs for role-playing games.


2. Friction Pleasure from Anal Beads


By slowly feeding the beads into your hole one by one, the uneven surface will create a pleasing friction as they slide in and out. It is best for newcomers to choose beads with consistent sizes. Advanced versions with different sized beads are recommended for experienced anal game enthusiasts.


The material of the beads increases in hardness from soft rubber, silicone to metal, which increases the sensation of fullness and stimulation during penetration. There are also functional and non-functional beads. When using the vibrating beads, similar to ordinary anal plugs and prostate massagers, you should not be too hasty in using them. It is recommended to slowly transition from low intensity to high intensity to build up your tolerance level.


3. P-Spot Massage


Where is the prostate in an adult man? Insert your finger into the anus up to the second knuckle, gently curl your finger, and the hard area you encounter through the intestinal wall is where the prostate is located.


The curved part of the prostate massager is used to generate a pin-point stimulation to the prostate. Unlike anal plugs, the prostate massager needs to be angled after entering the anus to ensure that the P-spot is properly targeted. The curved part will strongly squeeze the prostate with the addition of vibrations, creating a mesmerizing pleasure. Proper manual thrusting will help enhance the pleasure you are experiencing. Prostate toys are high level toys and need to be used with a certain level of tolerance to anal plays.


Most of the prostate massagers are made of silicone, and the functions are divided into vibrating and non-vibrating, and some of them come with a heating function to add new pleasures to sex.


 Applicable Users of Anal Toys


Butt toys are not limited in terms of applicable crowd. They are suitable for solo masturbation activities for men or women, as well as for shared plays between couples. For shared games, gay men use anal toys more often than regular couples. These delightful treasures are for anyone who enjoys exploring the mysteries of physical pleasure.


Kind Tips: It's best to get a good anal cleansing and other preparations before trying butt games, and to keep the toy and the inside of your body clean afterwards. Toy-specific cleaning solution will provide great help to the hygiene of the toy. In addition, anal toys should not be used for a long time, otherwise it is easy to damage the normal function of the sphincter muscle, causing hemorrhoids, prolapse, anal infection and other health issues.