Wand Vibrators Woman Could Never Live Without


Wand vibrators are the most powerful categories of sex toys for external stimulation of the clitoris. There is no question about it. The Hitachi Magic Wand, is so crazy-strong that it will make the knees of absolutely every woman on this planet tremble. Seriously, if you are a power-freak of a girl (like myself), then you have come to exactly the right place.


No matter who you are or where you’re coming from, if you’re a woman, you will absolutely love wand vibrators. Or, at least, THE wand vibrator. The Hitachi Magic Wand. The Hitachi completely revolutionized a new category of sex toys, and it’s still the best wand vibrator in the world. Ohh, did I just spoil the first place prize? Oh, well… whatever, you knew it was coming anyway. After all, who or what could ever beat the Hitachi. Nothing, that’s what!


Choosing the Best Wand Vibrator


Choosing the best wand vibrator for yourself is really not rocket science. All you need to do is ask yourself these three main questions:


1. What is my budget?

Obviously, this will be the first thing which you will take attention towards. Everyone loves a good deal, and no one likes to waste more money than necessary. Therefore, pick a price point which you are comfortable with, and move on from there. If you don’t have enough money to even buy food, then buying yourself a $160 wand vibrator isn’t obviously the smartest idea


2. How powerful do I want my wand vibrator to be?

For me, the more power a vibrator has, the better. Simple as that. However, wand vibrators are an especially strong category of vibrators, so if you have never owned a sex toy before, then you should start with something more accessible, like the Lovehoney Mini Massager. If you jump right into the very best wand vibrator, the Hitachi, you might be so shocked by the power that you will never buy a sex toy again.


3. Do I want a USB-rechargeable wand vibrator or a battery-powered one?

For me, the choice is fairly obvious – USB-rechargeable is the way to go. However, battery-powered vibrators are often cheaper, and they are almost always cordless. These are two great advantages, but honestly, I would still recommend USB-rechargeable wand vibrators as the best choice for most of you.


How to Use a Wand Vibrator


Using a wand vibrator is relatively straightforward. All you need is your vibrating wand, a bit of water-based lubrication, and a naughty mood!


After applying lube and getting into a comfortable position (try laying on your back, putting your legs at a 90-degree angle and relaxing your muscles), you are all set to go.


Try starting off with the very lowest intensity setting on your vibrator, and slowly moving the vibrator against your clit. Move the wand up and down, while the head of the wand rotates around itself. See what sensations you enjoy the most and go on from there, by moving up into the higher intensity settings.


You shouldn’t really try to insert the wand vibrator, as this is not what it’s meant for. Wand vibrators are meant for external stimulation, and they are absolutely amazing at it.


If you start off quickly with the higher intensity settings, you should be able to orgasm in less than one minute. Seriously, that’s how powerful these things are. Try finding yourself any man who can achieve the same. It’s impossible!


Where to Buy a Wand Vibrator


As you might have guessed from this wand vibrator review, my top recommendations on where to buy a wand vibrator are Acmejoy. They usually have the best prices anywhere, and they are always trustworthy.