Five Myths about Sex Toys


1. The Ancients didn’t use sex toys. It’s a modern invention for voluptuousness.

No, the ancients love them, too, but it’s the moderns that took them up a notch.


This is a big misconception, and sex toys are way much time-honored than you think. The earliest known sex toy is a stick made of polished rock found in Germany. It is about 28,000 years old. 6th century BC, women from Greek, already use dildos extensively and uses olive oil as a lubricant


The ancients may not have been as conservative as we thought, conversely, they were all trying to please themselves with enthusiasm and intelligence.


Five Myths about Sex Toys


2. Sex toys are so niche that only a few bold and open-minded people try them.

No, sex toys are marketed and used in ways you can’t even imagine.


    Take the most common sex toy, vibrator, as an example. Historically, in the early 20th century, an American named Hamilton Bitsch patented the first household vibrator. By 1917, there were more of these in American homes than there were toasters.


    Sex toys as the development of society have been widely used by persons. In 2009, Debra Herbenick and others at the Indiana University Bloomington surveyed 2,056 American women ages 18 to 60 and found that 52.5% had used a vibrator. And it’s important to note that the vibrator isn’t just a way for women to please themselves. In fact, 37.3% of women in the study used the vibrator while having sex with their partner, and 40.9% used it during foreplay.


    Five Myths about Sex Toys


    3. Sex toys will hurt your partner’s self-esteem and make them dispensable.

      No, using sex toys correctly can better synchronize the timing of orgasms and provide mutual satisfaction.


      It’s true that a lot of people, even women, worry about sex toys, especially massage sticks, taking their place. Such fears are misplaced, as there is no evidence that a vibrator reduces a woman’s need for a partner. It’s also important to note, as the American sexologist Joan Price just said, that a vibrator can help you orgasm (that’s what it does, right), but it’s no substitute for hugs, kisses and smiles. Can you flirt with a vibrator? It can only vibrate or shut up.


      In fact, many women reported that the vibrator increased their desire for a partner -- women who were sexually stimulated wanted more. In the same Indiana University Bloomington Survey, 50% of married women used a vibrator, compared with 29 percent of single women.


      Five Myths about Sex Toys


      4. Sex toys are simple in structure and can do little more than vibrate, so it’s OK to buy cheap ones.

        No, good sex toys are better, they have more patterns, and most importantly, they’re safer for your body.


        Sex toys aren’t just boring vibrating toys. The biggest goal of toy designers is to create more ways for customers to enjoy sex. It gave rise to various kinds of sex toys- telescoping massagers, rotating masturbation cups, realistic butts, etc.


        In addition, sex toys as objects in direct contact with your body need to be more safe and comfortable. Some materials are soft and porous, the surface is not very smooth, if direct contact with private parts, easy to breed bacteria. Also, some cheap sex toy materials may contain harmful substances that can cause itching, burning and rashes. For a few dollars cheaper to let the private parts suffer unspeakable pain, I am afraid it is not worth the loss.


        Buy with a well-established brand. It’s a better choice, both in terms of functionality and safety. Of course, even reliable high-quality toys, also remember to wash in time to avoid the influence of bacteria breeding after use.


        Five Myths about Sex Toys


        5. Is it difficult to get your partner to accept sex toys.

          How do you know if you don’t try? You can take the following steps to try it.


          The pursuit of sexual pleasure is a human instinct. If you don’t bring it up, how do you know your partner is going to say no? For vibrator products, start by stimulating areas such as the neck, inner thighs, and chest rather than going straight to the cunt. Wait for your partner to get used to it before you start touching private parts.


          In short, perhaps the most important thing for a couple to do is to let go of their shyness and deal with it. The novelty brought by a well-designed sex toy can make a big difference in the quality of sex life.


          Five Myths about Sex Toys