How to have one hit-the-spot anal sex?

How to have one hit-the-spot anal sex?


Sex as an instinct is innate, but sex as a skill requires constant learning. AcmeJoy invite you to follow us in exploring a great way to spice up your sex life.


Did you know you can have an orgasm from your prostate?


In fact, the anal area is highly sensitive, and for many people, this is a very pleasant sex way to get an orgasm. Even just external stimulation with fingers, mouth, or tongue can be very luscious and turn your whole body on. But touching this area requires some skill. You need not only physical comfort but mental relaxation in order to truly enjoy yourself.


How to have one hit-the-spot anal sex?


If you want to try anal sex, relaxation becomes even more important. If your body isn’t fully relaxed, it will become harder to achieve pleasurable back door intimacy. Don’t be afraid or anxious about it, the process will become much easier as your mood relaxes.


Can a woman have an anal orgasm? Do men have anal orgasms?


It’s definitely possible to have an orgasm with anal intercourse. Also, anal sex is available to all genders. This is not only because this area is very sensitive, but because you can directly stimulate your prostate through anal sex -- in other words, your P-spot. All of these combine to create pleasure and orgasm. It’s called a mixed orgasm, which is the feverish orgasm you could achieve when multiple sex points are stimulated at once.


For men, anal sex is the best way to stimulate the prostate for pleasure. Actually, many men use words similar to those used by women to describe the pleasure of vaginal penetration: feeling “fulfilled”, “connected”, and “emotionally satisfying”. Penetration and being penetrated are important emotional confession from one person to another.


How to achieve a prostate orgasm?


If you want to try on the backside, especially for the first time, it is important to start with smaller objects carefully and gently before attempting to insert a larger one. Unlike the vagina, the anus has no lubricant and requires some TLC. Therefore, prior cleaning and lubrication are necessary.


How to have one hit-the-spot anal sex?


The next step is to use your finger to locate the prostate point. A bit sticky bouncy ball, chestnut, walnut, or a nose tip, whatever you’d like to describe it, please find it, and feel it first.


If your anus is having sex with penis, you may need to try some positions to get the best angle. Depending on the curvature of the penis, missionary style may not be appropriate. Lotus position and doggy style could be good choices.


How to have one hit-the-spot anal sex?


Use appropriate anal toys


Since both the P and G spots require similar stimulation, you can usually use the same type of toy. Just make sure any toys you use are safe for the anus. And you’ll find the prostate stimulators are most useful.


How to have one hit-the-spot anal sex?


The T-shaped plug butt gives you a new sense of satisfaction, and you can aim for your prostate by pointing it in the direction of your abdomen. Anal vibrators are even better, can bring you effortless bliss quickly. If that’s not enough, how about try on Acmejoy’s brand new E-stim rotating P-spot stimulator?


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